Monday, December 9
December 8, 2013
Wednesday, December 11
December 10, 2013


Warm Up
3 rounds of
10 hip bridges
20 scorpion (prone)
10 push-ups
10 side plank reach and squeeze each side

Floor Press 8 x 3
After each set perform one of the following (alternating exercises)
A) 15 Band Pull Aparts
B) 10 Dead Bugs (each side)

3 Rounds (NFT) of
10-15 DB Tricep Press
20 Band Tricep extensions
30 Flutter Kicks (Lf+Rt=1ep)


  1. John T says:

    This was a nice change of pace after yesterday, although it was not easy by any means. I really appreciated the coaching from Chris on the floor press, who let me know that I was losing the arch in my back from pressing out too far. It’s a tricky balance between trying to get the bar up and focusing on not pushing out as far as you can. Working with Taylor and Mark also helped, those guys were crushing it this morning.

  2. Sara K. says:

    So I managed to combine 3 classes into today. I started out by doing the MU skill work from Friday and did multiple MU attempts with 30 DUs between attempts. Happy to report that I was on top of the rings however I was either continuing to move when I was there so I couldn’t press out or my elbows weren’t tucked into my body when I was there.

    I joined the 6:30 Class, worked with Amelia and Jenny T. I got 3 reps at 133lbs and got 2 reps at 143, I was happy with that. I think I could have gotten the third rep had I had a better start on that set. I felt off balance and not tight enough from the beginning of the set so I am surprised I got the first 2 reps. I always hated skull crushers when in a globo gym so I can’t say I enjoyed doing them with DBs today.

    Since the 7:30 class was pretty small, I took the opportunity to do Yesterday’s workout. I used a 30lb DB for snatches and 30lb Slam ball for ball slams and 25lb plate for the get-ups. I had a hard time with the P2S Pull-ups mostly because I got caught off guard by not actually doing a burpee. I think although it would have been much more difficult I could have moved faster if they were burpee pull-ups instead of P2S Pull-ups. The ball slams didn’t feel like a challenge at all with the 30lb ball but I needed to use that instead of a 40 after all the other upper body work I did earlier. I think the 40 would have been to much on my shoulders today. I got through 1 round + 50 snatches + 8 P2s Pull-ups. The second set of Snatches went much better than the 1st set.