Saturday, December 14
December 13, 2013
Monday, December 16
December 15, 2013


3 x 3 Inch Worm in Place, 6 Pause Squats, 3 Side Plank Reach-n-Squeeze/side, 6 Alt Samson Lunges, 3 Pause Push-Ups (2-1000 count at the bottom)
90sec Lat/Tri Stretch w/ Resistance Band/side
90sec Leg Flexion w/ ER Bias/side

Prep 1
As a class, perform 8-10 reps of unweighted Power Jerk + Split Jerk from Power Jerk Position*
* alternate which leg is forward each time (so right leg, then left leg, etc.)

Prep 2
3 x 2 Low Hang Power Clean + 1 Jerk
– low hang starts just below the knee; SLOW over the knees, then forceful extension pulling the bar into the hips

30min to work up to a 1rm C&J
– as many attempts as you like; have a coach watch your 1rm attempt
– If you finish before time is up, cut back to 50% of your new 1RM, and complete 10-15 more reps of hang power snatch, working on speed

Team Met-Con
12min AMRAP Ladder of
– Front Squats (155/135/115/95/75/55/45)
– Renegade Rows (no push-up) {1rep = a DB row with each arm}
– Burpee
~ each team member must complete the required reps before the group moves on (so, 1 FS + 1 RR + Burpee; then 2 FS + 2RR + Burpee, etc.)


  1. Dray says:

    Worked with Vin and Richard again and another set of PRs all around! When we started I think everyone was eyeing around 145 which is where Richard and I hit but Vin just blasted right past that.

    The metcon was… adjusted to give everyone some more time working on C&J but I’m thinking it may have ended up being worse. When burpees feel like the rest you know it was a good 8 minutes.

  2. Vin F. says:

    Was glad to have the band back together as I wasn’t really feeling that energized going into this workout but the team chemistry helped pick me up. It seems like Richard, Dray and I work well together for PRs.

    Tried to be very conscious of the tips I got yesterday and apply them to the cleans. Some of them were ugly so definitely more work on proper form needs to be done. Felt much better on the split jerks.

    Everyone felt good getting to 145. The key for me was going in 5lb increments once we hit my previous PR of 145# Found it much easier to go 150-155-160 and top out at 165#. The small weight increases are much less likely to have me thinking “Oh that’s heavy” when I start the lift — which is really not the best thing to think at that time.

    Partnered with Margot for the MetCon and I’m still not sure we did it correctly but we managed to get 8 rounds in and about 1/2 way through the 9th.

    I really do have to stop thinking that just because a MetCon is only 2 exercises that it will somehow be easy.

  3. Katie says:

    I didn’t PR, but I did set a PR for a C&J the day after finishing my first semester of grad school while also recovering from a cold. That counts, right? :o) I enjoyed working with Kenna, it’s always fitting when we work together because we have a lot of the same movement patterns and challenges. I worked up to 73#, which is near my 1 RM of 78#, and more than I’ve lifted in months, so I’m happy. I just need to get out of my head and stop thinking the bar is heavy, and I’ll be able to lift it. Jerks felt totally fine though, it’s just the damn clean….weird.
    “When burpees feel like the rest you know it was a good 8 minutes.” Well said, Dray, exactly!!! Kenna and I used a 15# DB for the RR and I was about halfway through the 8th round when time was called.
    Appropriately enough, I did 28 burpees during the metcon — HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIA!!! 27 burpees + 1 for good luck!!!

  4. Brigid says:

    Every day, I appreciate the amazing coaching at CFDC more and more. I am still inexperienced with the C&J, but the attentive tips from Sarah and Tom helped me move from a bare 15# bar to 73# PR (baseline) after graduating to the 33# bar with Megan as my ever encouraging partner. Thank you guys for pushing me to do more than I would have thought possible since starting Elements in September.

  5. Tom says:

    Awesome job everyone! You know we love seeing you all hit PRs and put up heavier weights, but its the WAY you all did it that I was most proud off. Excellent techniques and some great improvement- drilling, working at moderate percentages and constantly working on the small details pays off bigtime. Especially with all the squatting we like to do, you’ll have the leg drive, just trust in the technique.

    Katie, you’ve hit on one of the key points. No one is a professional lifter, life gets in the way. Stay as consistent as possible, focus on form, and do what you can.

    Brigid, great work today. You and Megan, along with a bunch of other relative newcomers are doing AMAZING!

  6. Tom says:

    Also, my whole takeaway on the metcon is “burpees are rest”. Noted.

  7. Kenna says:

    Katie and I made a good pair as she mentioned — we have similar tendencies so it’s easier to hold each other accountable. I hit a PR for a clean: 88#. I’ve jerked 93# from a rack before, so I was kinda bummed I couldn’t clean that. I wanted to best there and potentially hit triple digits, but my clean held me back. I noticed others catching it a little lower than me, maybe that would help? Though then I might get into all of my bad squat habits and have to integrate correcting those too, ugh! But cleaning 88# was an accomplishment for me.

    We got exactly halfway through round 8 of the AMRAP. The rows were tougher than the burpees for me (although I wouldn’t say they were necessarily “rest”! The shoulders were burnin’!

    P.S. Anthony should be back in class today!

    • Steph says:

      Kenna, I think something that would be great for you to work on with the snatch and c&j is sink your hip lower and practice pulling the bar slower off the ground. You have a tendency to set up with your hip higher and then yanking the bar a little off the ground, which sets you up with the bar away from your thighs after it passes your knees.

      For those who get freaked out a little by how heavy the weight initially feels when you pull it off the ground, the regular or elevated snatch/clean extensions are a great way to get used to pulling heavier weight off the ground without having to do the full snatch/clean movement.