Monday, December 16
December 15, 2013
Wednesday, December 18
December 17, 2013


2 Rounds of
20 spider lunges
20 band good mornings
10 supine scorpion
10 hips to wall

Strength – Deadlift
1 x 10 RDL w/ bar only
1 x 10 DL w/ light wt
1 x 8 w/ moderate wt
1 x 5 w/ moderately-heavy wt


Alternate between the following accessory exercises after each set of DL:

A) 15 hollow rocks
B) 10 Paloff Presses/side

12 minutes, EMOM, alternating between:

+3 Russian Swings; and,
+3 Lunges/leg

“3+”: 1st min = 3 swings; 2nd minute = 3 lunges/leg; 3rd min = 6 swings; 4th min = 6 lunges/leg; 5th min = 9 swings; etc.


  1. Dray says:

    I should probably hold off commenting until tomorrow because I’m feeling pretty good right now but deadlifts tend to catch up with me a bit later… Working with Paul we went a little heavier than I have in the past (245#) and I think I was able to hold the form so I don’t expect to be sore in the wrong places tomorrow!
    The metcon was fun but I may have underestimated how big a difference there is in the shoulder height swings and overhead because I think I could have gone heavier (words I *never* say after a KB workout).

  2. Jessie C. says:

    Mackenzie and I fooled around with the dead lifts today. Our dabbling brought us up to 168lbs. She kept saying she partnered with me in order to push herself, and I was the one just trying to keep.

  3. Kenna says:

    Love deadlifts because I can hit triple digits, woot! I worked up to 135# and stuck there for all the sets of three. Really focused on core and upper back.The third rep was a little weak for me every time, but I’ve definitely seen progress on this lift.

    Lunges were torture! Geez. I’ve never had a butt cramp before, but had several on the walk home! Need to drink more water.

    Definitely feeling it in the legs and booty today!