Tuesday, December 17
December 16, 2013
Thursday, December 19
December 18, 2013


3 Rounds of
5 dolphin pushups
10 arm circles each direction
5 plank to squat
10 squat to bootstrappers
2 rounds of
30 jumping jacks
3 wall walkers

10 rounds for max total reps* of:

30 seconds HSPU, followed by
1 minute rest

*goal is total reps across 10 rounds, strategize as needed to avoid muscular endurance shutdown

Scale to:

  1. 1 ab-mat only
  2. 30 seconds HS hold (facing away from the wall, no wall walking into position); or,
  3. 90-degree handstand hold (wall walk into a right angle position)

Partner MC
1×10 strict press (bar only);
1×5 Push press (light wt) + 10 air squats;
1×5 Push press (moderate wt)

10 Rounds each of
3 Push Press (M:155/135/115/95/75; W:113/93/73/53/45)
4 bastards
– one person working at a time, alternate rounds until each person has completed 10 total rounds


  1. Kara McIver says:

    I did one perfect practice handstand tonight. so naturally i’ll be able to do none tomorrow.

  2. Mark says:

    Nice workout to balance the deadlifts from yesterday. Partner metcon was a killer! Especially working with Julia who gave me about 15 seconds rest per round. I didn’t even know it was possible to get through bastards that quickly!

  3. Steph says:

    It was great to work on HSPUs. I feel like it had been a long time since we’ve worked on them in class.

    I did HSPUs to 1 abmat and kept my reps at 2-3 per round following Chris’s instruction that we want to achieve max reps across 10 sets and not go to failure on round 1 and then have the reps drop off significantly. Chris gave me a good cue to not wait too long in between reps as long as I’m stable, in that it’s the same with not standing around for too long with the weight on your back in back squats and not holding the weight overhead for too long in pressing movements. Wasted time and energy. I followed that cue and was able to crank out more reps in the last set with less effort. Damn him, always has to be right.

    Worked with Meghan P. on the metcon. Stayed light on the push presses and took them from the rack due to some low back discomfort. We made a good team!

    Got my new shirt after class. I really like this new design!

  4. Will says:

    I aimed for 3 strict HSPUs every round and almost made it — dang were rounds 9 and 10 bad! We chose 95# for the metcon, and at the start it felt like we could have even gone up to #115. But yeah that didn’t last — 95 was definitely the right choice. ha.

  5. Alex says:

    46 HSPUs (I paid for it in the metcon though)
    Failed on Round 7 @ 135# – DNF
    Shout out to Joel for powering through

  6. Julia says:

    This was a nice mix of skill, volume, conditioning. HSPU: kipping has been getting better, but now that I’m trying to push the pace as well there are times when I am very guilty of crashing too hard on the descent. Something I struggle with across a lot of different movements, and definitely NOT a good habit to develop here, abmat or not.

    Thanks, Mark, for being my partner and for keeping count for both of us! Am always up for over-the-bar burpees (just rewrote that because if you say you’re always up for bastards you deserve what’s coming), but didn’t handle the push presses so well. Some traveling reps, and too much press, not enough push. Good practice all around though.

  7. sara says:

    HSPU went really well. I have been working back up to full range of motion on these since getting injured. I used an abmat and 10lb plates on either side. I started with 4 rounds and switched to kipping to get some kipping practice in. I started with 3 reps on the strict and then on round 4 did 4 since I knew it was my last set of strict. kipping went pretty well too. I got 6-8 each round. I was working on kipping where the plates and abmat were still against the wall. I usually pull them away a couple inches so that I don’t fall off when I close my hips. This was not a problem yesterday.

    I partnered with Mandy on the metcon. Although we used different weights, we both powered through like champs and finished in 8:32. I used 113lbs and did mostly push jerks rather than push press, I am actually happy about that because I generally have trouble with pusk jerks.