Saturday, December 21
December 20, 2013
Monday, 12/23/13
December 22, 2013


Hall-to-Wall Spider Crawl
3 Rounds of
5 hanging scap retractions
10 Alt lunge and twist
10 scap push-ups
20 jumping jacks

2 x 1 minute partner assisted chest opener w/ PVC
1 minute overhead band distraction each side
1 minute death stretch each side

Skill Test 1
Pull-Up capacity
2 minutes max reps
Scale down to 2 min AMRAP of 1 negative + 5 ring rows
Scale up to CTB

Skill Test 2
Ring Dip capacity
2 minutes max reps
Scale to max dips from box or to push-ups

Met-Con 1
5 minute ladder (1, 2, 3 etc.) of
Thruster (M:95/65; W:63/45)
Toes to Bar (scale to V ups)

Met-Con 2
Partner 400 M. OH Carry / Run
1 partner begins run, other goes as far as possible in unbroken OH carry (2x db/kb)
Stop as soon as weights lower from OH, wait there until partner catches up, then trade places and continue


  1. Dray says:

    My arms are pretty much dead, now. Good timing to take a few days off for the holidays while at home!
    Worked on C2B for the first time in the pullup test today and hit 11 in 2 minutes. They started strong but – as expected – I ended up spending a lot of time looking up at the bar. Ring dips went pretty well (for me) with around 20. And the T2B coming easily today really made the first metcon a bit better than I expected (speaking relatively, of course, since my expectations were pretty bad) with just over 7 rounds complete.
    The overhead carries, though, were rough. I made it about 3/4 of the way to the turnaround point with a pair of 35#s and had to drop to one arm for the rest. Tried to race Vin on the farmer’s walk but he set a pretty quick pace and stayed just out of reach.
    And a big thank you to Margo (hopefully someone will correct my spelling if that’s not right) for the cookies! They were delicious – not all of them made it home but my parents really appreciated what I left for them.
    And with that long post, I’m out for a week!

  2. Katie says:

    Me too Dray, my shoulders are fried today! I did 3 rounds + 1 negative and 1 ring row…the positive on that was all the negatives felt really nice and controlled and slow, which is an improvement from some days. The box dips were SO HARD! Sara reminded me to keep my shoulder blades squeezed back, which I struggled with. I think I only got 11, I kept stopping because my wrists hurt. I enjoyed working with Dhriti on Metcon 1 — she is so close to having amazing T2B!! I subbed push presses and hanging knee raises and finished 7 rounds + 8 PP. 45# got heavy quickly.
    By this point, my shoulders were pretty much fried and I felt like I could have called it a day…but I like any kind of weight carrying, so I was okay with Metcon 2. I used 8kg KB, and of course OH carry was the hardest part. I forced myself not to rest too much because I wanted to keep ahead of Dave L!
    I second the thank you to Margot (I think the t is silent?) for the cookies! I took one to “eat after lunch”, but of course it didn’t make it home. 🙂
    Merry Christmas and/or Happy Day Off Work everyone!! I’ll see you all on Friday to work on burning of the dozens of cookies I plan to eat.

  3. Steph says:

    Katie, did you use your wrist wraps on the box dips?

    Thank you Margot for the cookies! Chris brought some home for me 🙂

    I missed you guys this weekend! Happy holidays!

  4. Vin F. says:

    Dray you missed the memo where if we caught Margot on the last lap we’d get extra cookies. I can move pretty fast when properly motivated!

    Special thanks to Coach Mike. After the pull-ups, Ring Dips and Met-Con 1 I got a huge knot in my left shoulder. Coach Mike had me sit on the floor while he did some amazing work to bust up the knot which helped me get through Met-Con 2.