Sunday, December 22
December 21, 2013
Tuesday, December 24
December 23, 2013

Morning (6 & 7am) and Noon classes ONLY on Monday;
Evening classes are cancelled


3 minutes single skips


3 Rounds of
5 dolphin pushups
10 spider lunges
15 band good mornings


2 rounds of
5 calf raise w/ negative each side
10 squat jumps

5 rounds, each for time, of
12 Box Jumps
15 KB Swings
12 Burpees
2 minute Rest


  1. Steph says:

    It’s been quite lonely in the 7am class without my usual 7am regulars, Inge, Phil G., Peter, and Nathan, so it was great to have Pete back in the 7am today! Also, we miss you, Cam!

    I started off pretty strong, was able to get two rounds in at around 1:20-25 each. The 3rd round was the worst and I dropped off a lot. By that time Eric had passed me and Pete was catching up, so I was forced to go faster on the 4th and last rounds. I managed to bring it back to 1:24 for the last round so I was happy.

    In retrospect, I realized that I didn’t use the double-breathing for the swings, which would’ve helped tremendously in regulating my breathing, which in turn probably would’ve helped in the burpees. I shall remember that next time.

    Happy holidays everyone! Safe travels. We’ll see you on Thursday for the noon class.

  2. Jessi B says:

    I’ve been working on pushing myself in metcons lately even–especially–when it hurts, trying to get in a couple extra reps before the time cap, or push to finish faster. I pushed it pretty hard today, and it hurt, but i made it and i’m proud of my time (16:00). I rebounded box jumps, though it took me a little while to settle into them and keep them tight and consistent. the kettle bell swings felt alright, I worked on staying on my heels (i find myself on my toes as i get tired), and the burpees, well, they’re burpees. they slowed down a LOT towards the end. i just tried to keep moving. great metcon before the holiday!

  3. Vin F. says:

    Steph: Of those 4 you mention haven’t 2 left the country? Coincidence? 🙂

    As for the workout: I survived!

    Partnered with Ricardo and that worked out well. I was going to use a 35lb KB but Ricardo was like “You can do more” so we used the 44lb.

    Had a brain lapse starting the box jumps doing 4 step ups instead of actual jumps and then realized my mistake. Rounds 1 and 2 were in the 1:45 range and 3 and 4 really started getting to me 2 and 2:30 for those rounds with Ricardo getting close to lapping me on round 4. Round 5 I finished in 1:41 thanks in no small part to Ricardo’s helpful encouragement throughout that last brutal round. Final time was 9:41.

    I did try a bounding jump somewhere in round 4 or 5 and failed miserably at it, laughed to my self, looked up and saw Coach Chris and his eagle eyes had caught the whole performance ….

    • Steph says:

      Ha, well, Phil is out of the country now too, so apparently I drive people away, far far away :-p

  4. Peter says:

    So good to be back in class the last few days after needing to take two weeks off to nurse a tweaked back. I came into the workout pretty sore from back squats and the upper body massacre we endured on Sunday. I stuck to step downs so as not to end up with more back pain and everything else felt pretty good. Two weeks was long enough to notice a decline in conditioning but it felt great to ramp up the intensity after what seemed like an eternity of rest days.