Thursday, December 26
December 25, 2013
Saturday, December 28
December 27, 2013


3 rounds of
15 squats
10 Alt-T push-ups
15 band GMs
10 dead bugs/side

Met-Con Prep
1 x 10 squats (bar) + 5 push-ups
1 x 5 squats (lt wt) + 6 plank to squat
1 x 5 squats (mod wt) + 4 plank to squat
1 x 5 squats (mod-heavy wt) + 2 plank to squat

3 Rounds:
1min max rep Back Squat*
1min Rest
1min max rep Burpees
1min Rest

* Wt Options: M=275/225/185/135/95; W=193/163/133/93/63


  1. Dave L. says:

    Only two-thirds of the “Salty Special?” What gives?

  2. Katie says:

    Morning classes, you’re letting us down. We need tips!

  3. Vin F. says:

    Coming off of a 3 day break I was excitied to get back to Crossfit — and then I looked at this WOD last night and thought “Oh no!”

    I figured it must be a rule that if you are in the WOD picture you must actually do the WOD, so I sucked it up and went.

    Was glad to see my blog buddy Steph! 🙂

    Coach Sara ran a great class.

    This was a killer workout. I had a hard time deciding between 135/185 for the squats but with some “encouragement” from Coach Chris I went with 185.

    Managed to do 10/8/6 for the squat portion. First set was challenging. 2nd set was rough and the third set really took everything I had. Really had to work hard on the fundamentals of breathing and posture on that last set. I was hoping to stay at 8 reps for that set but that just wasn’t in the cards today.

    Burpee rounds were also very challenging. Each round I would get to the 30 second mark and think it was going to be OK and then I would start losing gas right after that. Did manage to go 20/18/20. Really had to dig deep for the last 2 burpees to make 20 for the last round but that was the goal I had set for myself starting that round.

    After class we did find out what the missing third of the “Salty Special” is and it seems like that would be “fun.”