Friday, December 27
December 26, 2013
Sunday, December 29
December 28, 2013


3 Rounds of
10 pause squats
10 Alt single leg bird pickers
10 band pull aparts
10 hip bridges
10 side bridge reach and squeeze each side

Strength – Floor Press
20 min to work up to a 3 RM; then,
10 minutes to complete:
1 x Max Reps @ 85% of 3RM; followed by
1 x M Reps @ 75% of 3RM

Team Met-Con
in groups of 3*, complete for time:
100 pull-ups
80 ball slams
60 Renegade Man Breakers (single DB pushup, row and Snatch)
40 toes-to-bar
20 Team lunges
* One person working at a time (except during team lunges)
– Pullups can be assisted by teammates holding the feet
– Toes to bar may be scaled to hanging knee raises


  1. Margot says:

    So, those “100 pull-ups” is that as a team? Or each? Or have I just opened Pandora’s box? Uh Oh.

  2. Margot says:

    After doing the metcon with Jamie and Jesse (whose names I hope to have spelt correctly), I have to say I do feel that I will still be able to move tomorrow. The strategy we used was that for most exercises, we did 5 reps each and cycled through quickly among teammate, rather than doing or max and then handing off to another team member. This seemed to work really well, as we were not exhausted as we began each set. Chris and Tom really seem to like the whole “countdown” (100, 80…) thing so I am nervous as we get towards the New Year. (They also seem to be inspired by the rockettes, what with their team lunges)

    • Jessie C. says:

      I had a lot of fun with those two, and I must say the team lunges were my favorite. It’s good to be silly sometimes 🙂

  3. Bill B says:

    Loved yesterday and today’s workouts. It feels great to be back after some time off.

    I’m also happy my floor press numbers keep going up dramatically from all the other programming, even though we don’t necessarily do that particular exercise all that often.

  4. Charles says:

    A pretty enjoyable session—good was my 3RM floor press PR of 195 lb., but priceless was ending the met-con doing 20 synchronized chorus line lunges with Dave L. and Phil.