Thursday, January 2
January 1, 2014
Saturday, January 4
January 3, 2014


2 Rounds of
5 hanging scap retractions
10 squats
5 dive bomber push-ups
10 hip bridges
10 hollow rocks

Skill Work – Muscle Ups
1 x 10 False Grip Ring Row
3 x 3-5 Transition Negatives (rings maintain contact w/ body)*
*scale to 2 more sets of 5 FG Ring Rows + 5 Jump to Ring Dip Negative

Met-Con Prep
40 jumping jacks + 5 calf raise negatives per side + 5 low box jumps
20 jumping jacks + 5 calf raise negatives per side + 5 box jumps (wod height)


Option A:

5 Rounds of
:30 seconds kneeling Muscle Ups (scale to jumping ring dips)
:30 seconds Rest
:30 seconds max rep Box Jumps (24″/20″)
:30 seconds Rest
:30 Seconds max effort Row (damper on 10)


Option B:

5 Rounds
:30 seconds max rep Muscle Ups
:30 seconds Rest
:30 seconds max reps Box Jumps (24″/20″)
:30 seconds Rest
:30 Airdyne sprint
:30 seconds Rest


  1. Steph says:

    It was good to work on muscle-up transitions. I thought I did well on the kneeling muscle-ups in the metcon, but as soon as I transition to the rings up front, I just can’t hold the false grip at all. Guess I need to spend more time on the rings to get used to it.

    The metcon was tough, damn the rower! The reminder that was given to me again and again today was to keep my shoulder blades back, on the kneeling muscle-ups and the rower. I have a really hard time engaging my upper back, but I am working on it. Keeping the shoulder blades back allowed me row slightly faster and feel in better control on the kneeling MUs. I got 17 box jumps per round stepping down.

  2. Megan says:

    Thanks for the link to the video, Chris! Super helpful for newbies like me.

  3. Dray says:

    Muscle ups before Christmas and New Years were feeling great, smooth and relatively easy to string at least a couple together. Tonight… not even close. A couple weeks with odd sleep, extremely poor eating and bad exercise (until the New Years workout which I’m still sore from so that’s not helping) seem to have – not surprisingly – set me back.

    Thanks for all the advice and the tips afterwards to the group, Chris, definitely some areas I need to focus on to improve efficiency when trying these in a workout!
    Also, never used the Airdynes before but in the later rounds that got rough and made me a bit nervous about the box jumps.