Monday, January 6
January 5, 2014
Wednesday, January 8
January 7, 2014


3 Rounds of
5 Inchworms in Place
10 Spider Lunges
10 Band Pull-Aparts
10 Alt Single Leg Bird Pickers
10 Superman w/ Arm Retraction

Strength – Deadlifts
1 x 10 RDL (bar only)
1 x 5 DL @ 35% 1 RM
1 x 5 DL @ 50% 1 RM
1 x 5 DL @ 65% 1 RM

4 x 3 Dead Lifts + 3 RDL @ 70-75% DL 1RM*
*double overhand grip only; Straps allowed


1 round of
30 seconds max plank to squat
30 seconds max lateral hops (over the bar)
1 minute Rest

right into:

4 rounds of
30 seconds max Bastards
30 second Max Reps DL (m 225/185/135; w 153/133/93)
1 minute Rest


  1. Sara VDH says:

    Yay deadlifts!!! I was hoping for deadlifts tomorrow!

  2. Reg (CFDC ODB) says:

    Despite the extremely cold weather gripping the DMV, I was determined to make it to class today (#ilovedeadlifts). And so I did. I worked up to 315# (my 70-percent-of-one-rep-max) on the 4×3+3. It felt pretty good, I know I need to work on my depth with the Romanian deadlifts (RDL); however, I was also working to not round my shoulders on the RDL (as I have a tendency to do at times). For the met-con, I used 225# for the deadlift; my focus there was to perform good lifts (i.e., quality over quantity). (Besides, I’m not a fan of rushing movements such as squats, deadlifts, or Olympic lifts.) My focus with the bastard burpees was to just keep moving. 🙂

    All-in-all, another deceptively simple but ass-kicking workout! 🙂

  3. Dray says:

    Grip was more of an issue tonight than it has been in a while, must not have done anything for some time that required holding significant weight like that. Paul and I worked up to 195# on the work sets and 185# for the metcon. After the first set of bastards those deadlifts were… interesting, but I think that improved on the later sets (the bastards probably slowed down).

  4. Katie says:

    +1 on grip.
    Working with Lizzy was great as usual! We have a tendency to lift first, count plates later, which happened again. 113# felt heavy, but I stuck with that across my sets and did 1 DL + 5 RDLs. I estimated my 1 RM as about 160#. Chris reminded me of the “markers in the armpits”, so I focused on that today.
    I went light on the metcon and did 83# RDLs after regular burpees. Wow, that was brutal. Surprisingly, what prevented me from starting the RDLs was fatigued shoulders, not legs — I felt like if I picked up the bar I couldn’t “keep the markers pinched”, which caused me to rest a good 10 seconds. Not ideal, but better than having crappy form.
    My shoulders are feeling this most today, but I’m sure hamstrings are soon to follow.