Tuesday, January 7
January 6, 2014
Thursday, January 9
January 8, 2014


Once through:
40 jumping jacks
30 mountain climbers
20 squats
10 burpees

Pre-Hab/Re-Hab, Pt 1 (15min cap)
2 times through Rotator Cuff series:
10 opposite scap reach&touch w/ tube each side
20 scap push-ups
10 abducted external rotation w/ tube each side
20 OH band pull-aparts

Strength (20min cap)
4 Rounds* of
8-15** Single Arm DB Row each side,
8-15 OH Band Resisted Tricep Extensions
* Start with non dominant arm
** As heavy as possible while able to hit at least 8 reps per set

Pre-Hab/Re-Hab, Pt 2
2 Rounds NFT
12 Paloff Presses each side
8 Powell raises each side


  1. Jessie C. says:

    Todays class may not have been the typical CFDC workout we’ve come to love, but I am a testament to the benefits of this type of strength training. I’ve had a bum shoulder since July of last year, and these exercises have helped me build the stabilizing muscles so that I hopefully won’t injure myself again in the future. Always keep your shoulders down and back. Nice and tight. Tits out, ladies!

  2. Dray says:

    Nice, slow day focused on that ever-so-critical shoulder positioning. Probably should have joined in some of the after-class activities to work up more of a sweat but instead I’m feeling the benefits of spending that time rolling out so a good active recovery day.