Saturday, January 11
January 10, 2014
Monday, January 13
January 12, 2014


4 rounds of
20 Jumping Jacks,
10 Arm Circles/direction,
6 Spider Lunges,
6 OH Band Pull-Apart,
6 Cross-Body Spider Lunges (Dynamic Pigeon Stretch),
6 Over-Under Scap Touches/side

Partner Mobility
2 x 90sec of Partner Bully Stretch

Met-Con Prep
1 x 5 BTN Snatch Grip Push Jerk + 10 Push-Ups (bar)
1 x 5 Hang Power Snatch + 10 Jump Squats (lt weight)
1 x 5 Power Snatch + 10 Plank-to-Squat (mod or working wt)

Partner Met-Con
5min AMRAP of

12 Snatch
9 DB Push Press
6 Burpee

Rest 5min, then

5min AMRAP of

12 Burpee
9 Snatch
6 DB Push Press

Rest 5min, then

5min AMRAP of

12 DB Push Press
9 Burpee
6 Snatch

Snatch Weights = M: 75/95/115(135); W:45/55/63/73(83)
DB Weights = M: 1/2BW; W:1/3BW

As RX’d, complete each AMRAP with each partner completing all reps of an exercise in turn before moving on to the next exerices (so, for the first AMRAP, P1 does 12 snatch, then P2 does 12 snatch, then P1 does 9 DB Push Press, etc.)
– scale down to having the partners divide the required reps for each exercise as desired


  1. Jessie C. says:


  2. Emily Yates says:

    Yup. That pretty much sums it up for me, too.

  3. Andrew says:


  4. Bill B says:


  5. Sara K. says:

    Thank you Steph for being an amazing partner. Was pretty beat up before we even started but it was great to get the workout even being tired.

  6. Steph says:

    Ditto what Sara and everyone else said. This was a tough one.

  7. Brett V says:

    very niiiiiiice!

  8. Dray says:

    Had some fun with this one – I was really nervous about the number of reps going into it but after we finished the first round with 12 snatches I started thinking I might have been able to survive a heavier weight. My partners would have had to wait a bit longer, sure, but I doubt I would have heard much complaining.

    This was a good one to wrap up a 6 day stretch with tomorrow as a rest day (well, this workout plus what Dave L. suggested for open gym time afterwards) but I know I’m going to be itching to get back in there as soon as Tuesday’s workout is posted!

  9. Katie says:

    I think we all agree on this one! Hats off to those who did it solo in particular.
    That was an awesome shoulder warm-up, my shoulders felt looser than they had in weeks!
    It was great to be in a group with Hillary for the first time, and many thanks to Megan for tolerating my SLOW snatches. I’ve recently been struggling with choosing a challenging weight that is sustainable through the workout. 45# felt heavy, but I started with that and managed to make it through 5/9 snatches on the second round before I failed and decided to go down to 35#. I wasn’t happy with my snatches, though, because I was pressing out a lot. I’ve missed most snatch days over the past month and it’s showing, so I hope to get back on track.

  10. Jessi B says:

    tough workout, and my arms were destroyed (doing push press with half my body weight probably had something to do with it…), but i’m glad I got through it. I was worried about the snatches because of my knee, even going from the hang, but they felt alright and it helped to have devon coaching and cheering me on. felt good to get a high intensity metcon in!