Sunday, January 12
January 11, 2014
Tuesday, January 14
January 13, 2014


2 Rounds of
10 Alt-T Push-ups
10 Squats
10 Superman w Arm retraction
10 Hips-to-wall
10 Alt Single leg floor touch

1 minute Banded heel cord Anterior Bias (BaSL p.385) each side
1 minute Single leg flexion w/ ER bias each side
1 minute Banded heel cord Posterior Bias (BaSL p.385) each side
1 minute Single leg flexion w/ ER each side

Pistol Progression*
5 reps each side holding upright
5 reps per side sitting to box
10 reps alternating legs with light counterbalance
10 reps alternating legs
*Everyone starts with upright, and moves through in order. At any point when you hit failure, move back to previous option for remaining sets.

10 Rounds of 1 Minute ON / 1 minute OFF*
10 Pistols (Either 5/5 holding upright or to box, OR 10 Alternating legs if done w/ counterweight or unassisted)
10 Alternating single arm KB Swings (chest height, scale to 10 American swings)
* Pick up round where previous round ended


  1. Steph says:

    120-some pistols later, I won’t be able to walk tomorrow. Good to work on them though, it had been a while.

    Cheesy joke of the day from Chris came in the 6am class – “We’re working NRA-style today. Lots of pistols.” See if he can top that tonight?

  2. Katie says:

    Which is better/worse, NRA or “we’re going to bang out some pistols”? I’ll leave that to the humor experts.
    I stuck to the upright, which I like because it’s easy to control how much assistance you have. Coach Steph gave me an odd-sounding but good cue on these: to actually try to push my knee forward a little. I was really leaning back when I held on to the upright, but that very slight forward travel of the knee (still not past the foot, though) seems to help with balance, which I noticed when I watched people doing unassisted pistols. A good habit to build while I’m scaling. Great subtle correction, thanks Steph!