Tuesday, January 14
January 13, 2014
Thursday, January 16
January 15, 2014


2 x 20 Jumping Jacks, 10 Arm Circles/direction, 5 Pause Squats, 10 Bird-Dogs (arms extended, no push-up), 5 KB Halos/direction, 10 Lunge & Twist, 5 Burpees

90sec/side Band Lat/Tri Stretch

Met-Con Prep
1 x 5 Hang Hi-Pull (bar only) + 5 Reverse Hand Push-Ups on the wall;
1 x 5 Hang Power Clean (lt wt) + 5 Reverse Hand Push-Ups on the wall;
1 x 5 Power Clean (mod to working wt) + 5 Reverse Hand Push-Ups on the wall;

Met-Con – “Elizabeth
21-15-9 Clean (135/93) & Ring Dips
– Power clean is acceptable; scale weight to M=115, 95, 75; W=78, 68, 55, 45
– kipping ring dips are acceptable; scale to DB Push-Ups
– A 12min TIMECAP will be enforced for this workout
– Compare results from Wed., July 17


  1. Steph says:

    Way to beat your July 17 performance, Julia and Phil!

    Peeps coming to the noon and evening classes, look back at your performance on July 17 and see if you can beat your old time today or complete the workout with better form, heavier weight, or less scaling!

  2. Inge says:

    Today was my last workout before returning home to Copenhagen! Since I am not able to do all those ring dips I did the push ups instead. I used 78# for the cleans and finished in 6.40. Thanks to all of you for welcoming me to CFDC and making my stay in DC so much more awesome than it would ever have been without you!

  3. Katie says:

    Aww, Inge, I was thinking of your amazing push-up form as I struggled through mine during the 6:30 workout. We miss you already! Come back to us soon!
    All day I was thinking about what weight to do…I know, super-nerdy, but at least I didn’t dream about it like some people! 😀 I was determined to do 55, and it turned out to not be bad at all!! The push-ups were so much tougher than the cleans. This was such a fun workout, made even more fun by working with Dhriti. Feeling strong and proud of myself…there’s nothing better!

  4. Dray says:

    Finished in 8:30 with 95# and ring dips – definitely burned more time on the ring dips. I had been considering trying 115# earlier but there was no way I could have finished in the 12 minutes unless I went with pushups so I’m happy with the weight selection. Not too worried about the time as my goal for the next attempt will be a higher weight but we’ll see! A little improvement on ring dip kipping would go a long way to cutting minutes off.

  5. Bill B. says:

    6:07 as rx’ed. I had to take more breaks during the ring dips than the cleans, which surprised me. Partnered with Andrew, who provided some good encouragement and also killed it (as you can see in the video). Our team strategy of going sleeveless was certainly the key to success–less weight, more mobility–obviously.

    After the workout, I felt like my forearms were going to explode and all of Sara’s advice in the world wasn’t making it feel much better (though it was certainly appreciated anyway). If my writhing in pain for several minutes all over the hallway didn’t scare away the Elements class, I don’t know what will. Definitely worth it.

  6. Phil G says:

    While I wanted to comment earlier today, when I went to this blog I saw that Steph had lied to all of you saying that I improved my time. So instead of call her out and reduce inspiration for the evening classes, I thought I’d wait until the day was over 🙂

    And before commenting on the workout, I want to say that Inge, you will be greatly missed! You were always a very positive and supporting presence in the 7am class. We all hope you come back to visit to your new favorite country not named Denmark.

    Anyways, I decided to upgrade to the rings to try Elizabeth RX for the first time – and I definitely struggled to keep multiple reps going starting halfway into the set of 15 and certainly with the set of 9. I finished at 9:38* – an asterisk because I’m sure I was not fully parallel on all 45 ring dips, so something else to work on for next time.

  7. Sara K. says:

    This was my first time doing Elizabeth. I was injured when we last did this workout. I was not sure about how the ring dips would go because I am still trying to get the kip down. The Cleans felt great. I generally hit leg muscle fatigue way earlier than I would expect in these types of workout but not this time. I didn’t go unbroken on the cleans but I also did not feel as though my form broke down at all after the workout ended. (i.e. I noticed that my back felt really good, possibly even better than when I started the workout). The ring dips turned out not to be too bad either. After a 1 set I was only stringing 2-3 reps at a time and singles at the end of each set but I only failed on 2 or 3 reps that I attempted. This is a huge improvement from just a couple months ago. I finished at 9:16

  8. Kara McIver says:

    This was also my first time doing Elizabeth! Despite scaling to 78# and push ups, I loved her! 7:02 🙂