Sunday, January 19
January 18, 2014
Tuesday, January 21
January 20, 2014


2 rounds of
30 Jumping Jacks,
20 Squats,
10 Push-Ups,
5 OH Band Pull-Aparts

Met-Con Prep
1 x 5 Hang Hi-Pull (bar only) + 5 Strict Press + 5 Hang Scap Retraction;
1 x 5 Hang Power Clean (lt wt) + 5 Push Press + 5 Kipping Swings (Arch-to-Hollow) ;
1 x 5 Power Clean (mod to working wt) + 5 S2OH + 5 Hang Knee Raise;

5 x 2min On/2min Off of 12 T2B* + 6 HP Clean + 3 S2OH
* scale to 12 V-Ups
– wt options: M=135/115/95/75; W=93/74/63/55
– score is cumulative reps, so pick up where you left off in previous round


  1. Phil G says:

    I used 135# and wanted to do T2B, but switched to V-ups after the first round as my left hand started to tear. Without the T2B I didn’t challenge my grip as much as was able to work through the cleans and S2OH pretty consistently. I finished with 10 rounds + 7 reps. Now ready for some soaking, neosporin, and a rest day to try to get my hand better as fast as possible.

  2. Sara K. says:

    Don’t use Neosporin. Just soak in salt water and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!!!

  3. Katie says:

    This workout was fun! V-ups were the worst…after a couple rounds of those I felt a slight twinge in my lower back so I switched to hanging knee raises, which were tougher on the grip for sure. 55# felt much heavier in this workout than it did in Elizabeth last week. Finished 7 rounds + 6 reps. I was so happy this was just S2OH – yay for push jerks!