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CFDC Shout-Outs

December 17 to January 17
Our review about all that’s happening in CFDC land

New Years Day Workout Crew

Post-New Year’s Day workout and still smiling – 2014 is definitely off to a good start!

Happy New Year CFDC! If 2013 was a great year for CFDC, than 2014 is shaping up to be epic! Read on to find out why in our first shout-out of 2014.

Open Arms
2014 certainly got off on the right foot with our newest batch Elements grads. Coaches Tom and Peter report that this group is really enthusiastic and ready to take on all that we can give them, so be sure to seek them out and welcome them to the community when you see them in class.

Elements Grads 1-17-14

Jeff C, Golriz A, Caroline N, Eleni S, Jane C, Maegan B, Kenisha S, Alison W, Christina S, (coach Peter P), and Tarik K.

Who Left the Gate Open?
Of course, if 2014 is going to retain its epic character, it needs to see less of our members getting sent elsewhere. Sadly, we are being forced to temporarily say goodbye to a few more friends, including Nick D. and Zach W. who will both be deploying abroad in February. I know you’ll join us in wishing them a safe journey and quick return home.

Open Mouth, Insert Footd
More healthy food options could never be a bad thing, which is why CFDC is excited to be adding Custom Fit meals to the gym! You may have already noticed their fridge, which was installed this week, and ordering is now live! Custom Fit joins meal provider Power Supply as a meal delivery option for any interested CFDCer. Similar to Power Supply, Custom Fit will prepare and deliver fresh, healthy meals to the gym twice a week, custom made to your specification and stored in the Custom Fit Meals cooler.
Post 1-Cooler
There are no contracts or commitments (much like CrossFit DC!). The on-line ordering system allows you to choose the number of meals you want and the types of foods you like, including Gluten-Free, Primal (includes dairy), and Paleo based meals. There are 15 menu items offered each week to choose from and 6 weeks of rotating menus. Meals are sold in increments of 5, with an average meal price of $9 – $11/meal. All orders are placed week to week, so simply place your order on-line at before Wednesday each week to receive your meals for the following week of service.

Interested in giving Custom Fit a try? Here’s how:

1. ORDER ONLINE @ (click on Order Meals tab)
2. Create an account (requires a log-in email address and password)
3. Go to “Build Your Menu” page (order deadline Tuesdays at midnight)
4. Choose Regular or Large size (average cost $9.00 – $11.00/meal)
5. Select number of meals (sold in increments of 5, minimum = 5)
6. Select pick-up location (CFDC is now an official CFM Pick-up Location)
7. Add a box of homemade protein bars ($2.99/bar, sold in boxes of 7)
8. Choose your meals from our rotating weekly menu (offer ~ 15 different meals each week)
9. Be sure to enter the code “crossfitdc” to SAVE 10% OFF your first order!
10. Pick up your meals at the gym, or other chosen location, twice per week (usually Monday and Thursday mornings)

The Open!
It’s that time of year again – time for the CrossFit Games Open. A number of members have already signed up, but just in case you’re not sure what we’re even talking about, here’s a short primer on what the Open is, and how to sign up for it.

Straight from the CrossFit Games website:

The 2014 CrossFit Games season begins with the worldwide Open competition. Everyone in the world is invited to compete in five workouts over five weeks, posting their scores online in real time. Last year, almost 140,000 athletes competed in the Open.
Every Open workout needs to be validated to count. Competitors will have two options to validate their performances. They can work out at a local affiliate, where they will be judged in person, or they can submit video evidence of their performance to the entire community. There is no limit to the number of attempts an athlete can make, provided the score is submitted prior to the close of each week.

Every participant in the Open will be ranked both worldwide and by region, so the Open represents the first chance athletes will have in 2014 to establish their international standings. At the end of the Open, the fittest 48 men, 48 women, and 30 teams from each region will earn invitations to one of 17 Regionals.


Registration for the Open began on January 15, and will extend through the first week of competition until Monday, March 3. Each of the five workouts will be announced on Thursday (the first workout is announced on Thursday, February 27), and everyone will have until the following Monday to complete the workout and submit their score. The workouts are varied and no one knows what they will be from week to week until they’re announced.

We will run special Open workouts every Saturday during the Open, but will explain that, and more, in a post next week. In the meantime, if you’re sold, make the jump to the CF Games registration page, create an account, pay the $20 fee, and you’re in! Be sure to not only select “CrossFit DC” as your gym, but also join the CrossFit DC team! Everyone is eligible to be on the team, and the more the merrier!

The Opening!
Forget the CrossFit Games, there’s another “open date” which is much more important – it’s been nearly a year since we opened our 14th Street doors, and this calls for celebration! We’ll be sending out more details to come very soon, but block off Saturday, February 22nd for some food, fun and friends with CFDC.

The Other Opening…
Things are progressing well at our up-and-coming H Street location. We’re still planning on a late February/early March opening, and what will come as a surprise to no one, Tom and Chris have been spending whatever free time they have (and maybe some that they don’t) perusing the likes of Rogue, Again Faster, Iron Mind and the like, salivating over the potential equipment options for the new gym (as well as for a few additions at 14th street). Keep a weathered eye on our website, Facebook page, and Twitter for teasers and updates about what’s going on over in northeast.

Open to Interpretation

CAL Masters Team

CAL Masters teammates James and Eric (both of District CrossFit), Tom A., Jen J., Dre K. and Kit H.

“Masters” ain’t nothing but a label – a label of awesomeness! Be sure to come out this Saturday afternoon, January 25th, to support our masters competitors as they take on other local masters teams in the third stop of the Capital Area Affiliate League.

Open Gym
In light of the above, we will be forced to cancel Open Gym this Saturday (January 25th). We apologize for the inconvenience, but are excited to support our athletes as part of the C.A.L. challenge. We are also currently working on getting our Open Gym hours posted on the website, but a quick reiteration of the current Open gym hours:

Monday to Friday: 8-9am; 4:30-5:30pm
Saturday: 1-4pm
Sunday: 9-10am (front room only), 1-2pm

Thanks for reading – now, off you go to sign up for the Open!

the CFDC Crew
Lift Smarter, Work Harder, Get Stronger. PROVEN.

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