Tuesday, January 28
January 27, 2014
Thursday, January 30
January 29, 2014


2 Rounds of
10 Pause Squats
10 Alt-T Push-Ups
10 Jump Squats
10 Dead Bugs (per side)


60 second Band Lat tri stretch per side

Strength – Front Squat (20min timecap)

Met-Con Prep
1 x 5 Hang Clean Hi Pull with bar + 6 unweighted alt lunges
1 x 5 Hang Power Clean + 6 alt front rack lunges (light weight)

Team Met-Con
5 Hang Power Cleans + 10 alternating Front Rack BB Lunges (5 per leg)
– in groups of 3, with one person working at at time; each person should attempt to complete unbroken
– Weight options = M:135/115/95 W 93/73/53)


  1. Kenna says:

    Front squats have always been one of the most challenging movements for me, but at least I have been able to see/feel progress on them. Worked up to 88# on the 2 rep round of front squats. It’s possible that is a PR, not sure. My hips still tend to rise early, particularly toward the end of a set. But at least now I can feel and correct a little better.

    Did the cleans/lunges at 53#, which felt good. First time I’ve ever done lunges with a bar. I feel like I was walking all over the place, will have to work on that. Overall good workout!

  2. Katie says:

    I enjoyed working with Katie P. and new elements grad Allison, who is really enthusiastic, STRONG, and a quick learner! Though I stayed light on the front squats (worked up to 45#), I didn’t feel myself shifting, so that’s a positive. On the negative, I tried lunges with 35# and that wasn’t happening, so I grabbed a 15# plate. I guess lunges will be my next area to tackle as I start to slowly increase squat weights.