Friday, January 31
January 30, 2014
Sunday, February 2
February 1, 2014


2 x 3 Inch Worm-in-Place, 6 Lunge & Twist, 12 Push-Ups, 24 Squats

Class Prep
6-8 sets of Pause Clean Extension w/ PVC

3 x 3 Hang Clean Hi-Pull + 3 Front Squats

Work (25min timecap)
1 Clean Extension + 1 Hang Clean + 2 Front Squats + 1 Jerk

Partner Met-Con
12 x 40sec ON, 20sec OFF alternating b/t (1) Single Arm Renegade Rows & (2) OH Plate Sit-Ups
– 6 rounds of each exercise


  1. Dray says:

    Today served as a great reminder of how much my sleep and diet impacts performance. Everything felt shaky after a week where travel led to poor decisions on both! Survived, but definitely looking forward to a couple weeks in town to get back in form before the open begins.

    Thanks to a good group for keeping me working, though. On the work sets I was planning on going no heavier than 125# when I came in and after the prep I was feeling even worse! But with some encouragement I wrapped up with a few sets at 135# instead – that’s where my front squat falls apart on me even on a better day.

  2. Phil G. says:

    Awesome day working with Alex C and James D, who were very encouraging and provided some very helpful reminders when I lost proper form (IE not pulling too early and leading up with my elbows out of the squat). Got up to 200, which is definitely my max from the hang. Switching to squat cleans was necessary though it was annoying to then have to front squat twice agian. Solid metcon too working with Alex, where we felt our weight selections for 40# db and 35# plate early into the second round