Saturday, February 1
January 31, 2014
Monday, February 3
February 2, 2014


3 Rounds of
5 dolphin push-ups
10 spider Lunges
10 jump squats
10 single leg bird pickers


1 minute partner PVC chest opener each
1 minute partner bully stretch each

Skill Test 1
3 minutes max Ring Dips
– scale to max push-ups

Skill Test 2
3 minutes Max Alt Pistols
– scale to max pistols to a box or single leg floor touches

Met Con
AMRAP in 5min
5 Ring Push-Ups
10 Goblet Squats

5min Rest

AMRAP in 5min
10 Ball Slams
10 V-ups

5min Rest

AMRAP in 5min
10 wall Ball
10 Spider Planks (5 per side)


  1. Dray says:

    This was a perfect lead in to stuffing my face with food. Relatively healthy food but I’m planning on eating way too much sooo…

    Next time we do wall balls I’m going to have to commit to the 20# ball. Went back to 16# after being stuck with a 20 last time and made it through 6 rounds. Suffered but that’s way more than I expected to be able to complete and only missed the wall once (I won’t mentioned how much of a beating my face took)! From there things went downhill but made it through a little over 5 rounds of everything else then collapsed on the floor for the next 30 minutes (using a lacrosse ball as an excuse).

    Pulled off more ring dips than last time we did this test (19 -> 28) so I’m happy with that but scaled the pistols with a 12″ box and 25# plate. Felt like I was hitting the box a little before I lost balance/hit the bottom of my squat so that may have been a poor scaling choice but I’m going to be sore from it anyway.

  2. Katie says:

    I have a couple thoughts, but most importantly — congrats to Sara on her first muscle-up!!! Sara is such a great example for us all of hard work and focus on form paying off in big ways — I can’t count the number of times she has been working on muscle-up drills when I’ve walked in to the gym.

    Working with Kelly was so fun!! She another awesome person I don’t normally work with because we use different weights. Though I love my usual buddies, I’d love more opportunities to work with different people wherever possible.

    I was tired yesterday so decided to work on hitting perfect form rather than pushing it a little for more reps. Major breakthrough: I did real wall balls for the first time in months!!! This was a lot of squatting for someone who has barely squatted for the past year, but I focused on keeping my hips as even as possible and I think I succeeded! I also focused very carefully on keeping close elbows and not snaking up on push-ups.

    I was spent afterward and joined Dray in lying on the floor. My excuse was the mobility stick. I’m already feeling sore less than 24 hours later…this is going to be painful.

    • Dray says:

      Unrelated to the workout: I was hoping the dashes to separate paragraphs would catch on! So much easier to read.

      More related to the workout: congrats on the wall balls! I’m sure your body isn’t regretting hitting that milestone again at all!

  3. Kenna says:

    Great workout, definitely feeling it now, especially in the legs. I’m taking a rest day, which has no relation to the box jumps on menu for today…

    On the 3min skill tests I got 40 pushups and 29 box-pistols (12″ box + two 35# plates). I haven’t worked on pistols much at all, and my left hammy was complaining for some reason (unbalance – very tight and tired).

    The 5min AMRAPs were brutal in a good way.Used 20#DB on goblet squats, 20# on ball slams, and 8# on wall balls. Totally lost count, but I can safely assume 4-7 rounds on each… ha. .

  4. Julia says:

    It’s great when a PR or big accomplishment comes easy (and we can probably all think of That Guy who just swung up and popped up over the rings on his first try) but I think it might just be even cooler when you know that a lot of time and hard work went into earning it. And when that person is someone who has given so, so much of her time and energy in the gym to helping others — well, it’s all the more worth celebrating! CONGRATS SARA!!!!!

    Dray — such a trendsetter!