Sunday, February 2
February 1, 2014
Tuesday, February 4
February 3, 2014


2 rounds of
40 High Knees in Place (20/side),
20 Spider Lunges (10/side),
20 Supine Scorpions (10/side),
10 Over-Under Scap Touches/side,
10 OH Band Pull-Aparts (light weight band)

Single Leg Flexion w/ ER Bias (BaSL 304) – 90sec/side
OH Band Distraction w/ ER Bias (BaSL 258) – 90sec/side

Met-Con Prep
3 x 3 Hang Power Snatch + 3 Tuck Jumps + 3 Box Jumps

use the prep sets to work up towards one of the following met-con weights:
M: 115, 95, 75, 65
W: 83, 63, 55, 45 (use 15lb bar for 55 or 45 lb options)

6 x 2min On 2min Off 8 Power Snatch + 12 Box Jump
– Box Jumps are step down only for this workout (RX’d is 24″ for M, 20″ for ladies, but scale as appropriate);
– Score is cumulative – being each round where you left off in the previous round


  1. Phil G. says:

    Great way to start off the week with something that I could just turn my mind off for 2 minutes at a time and keep pushing through and onto the next movement. Went with 95# for the snatches which was a good choice as I was able to cycle through all 8 reps through the first four or five rounds and then I had to break them up a little. Chris gave me the all important reminder of keeping my hips down through the movement, lessening any strain on the low back. I finished 8 rds + 8 reps.

  2. Dray says:

    First round I was thinking this really helped loosen up my legs after yesterday! Second round I realized they were just in shock and couldn’t believe I had come back. Third round it took some convincing for each box jump… this just got worse up to 8 rounds with 75#. Hobbled home, collapsed on couch, now I’m about as sore as I’ve been in months, even counting holiday workouts and hard sets after long trips.

    Tomorrow is deadlifts? Why is that tempting given I’m not sure I will be able to stand up in the morning? Maybe if I can stumble my way there and keep it really light it will be like a good stretch…

  3. Megan says:

    Many thanks to Coach Chris for helping me with the power snatches yesterday! He noticed that I was landing with my legs straight instead of bent, and once I corrected that I feel like I finally got a hang of the movement.