Tuesday, February 4
February 3, 2014
CFDC Shout Outs
February 5, 2014


3 Rounds of
5 hanging scap retractions
10 squats
5 dive bomber pushups
10 supine scorpions
5 plank to squat

18 Minute AMRAP of
36 Burpees
2 rounds of 9 Pull-ups + 9 DB Thrusters
24 Burpees
4 rounds of 6 Pull-ups + 6 DB Thrusters
12 Burpees
6 rounds of 3 Pull-ups + 3 DB Thrusters
– Scale pull-ups to (A) single band assist (strict) or (B) ring rows

2 times through:
1 minute “Assume the position” stretch
1 minute lat stretch on uprights each side


  1. Bill B says:

    Well now I’m glad I took a rest day today.

  2. Abbey S says:

    Okay friends here’s some tips for the wod; the toughest part is the thrusters. You will want to break them up but if possible don’t, it’s the worst part so just beast through and get them over with. I made it through everything once and tacked on 7 Burpees.

  3. Dray says:

    Had to get this comment in first thing because I don’t really want to remember this workout any longer. That was rough. Came out fast on the burpees and paid for it – that was the plan, of course, because I knew I was going to hate the thrusters either way so I might as well push on the part I could do well. Didn’t quite finish a round and have some sore shoulders anyway! At least the pull-ups felt good once I could catch my breath to hold onto the bar…

  4. Kenna says:

    Good workout! Definitely wore me out.

    I paced myself pretty well, I normally burnout pretty quickly on something like this. Though thrusters were very tough… I used 20# DBs, which got pretty heavy for me.

    On a related note, I got 36 burpees within the first 3mins. I thought I only got 40 push-ups on the skill test on Sunday, seems like I should have been able to do more. Maybe I miscounted…

  5. Katie says:

    I will vouch for Dray coming out fast on the burpees — I was halfway through them when he was getting on the pull-up bar! Awesomeness. I would really like to see a CFDC burpee-off sometime…

    I finished 1 round + 10 burpees (scaled to ring rows and 15# PP). I attribute it directly to Adri lending me her magic Reebok (TM) CrossFit pants! Thanks Adri!

  6. Bill B says:

    Dray, I ignored Chris’ advice and somewhat paced myself on the burpees by breaking them up into 12’s (going firmly against my usual inclination to turn off my brain). I don’t think it mattered either way; the wall was eventually going to be hit since the thrusters were damn hard. If I had to do it again, I’d probably just go for it in the beginning and try to manage the consequences. 1 round + 7.

    I like these workouts a lot (i.e. long-ish amraps, no built in rest, simple, terrible). I used to do them a lot before I joined an affiliate and, while they feel miserable at the time, I think they train mental toughness.

    Katie, I’m hoping they bring back 7 minutes of burpees for this Open (or make them burpee box jumps which would make me ecstatic), in which case you will soon have your burpee off.

    • Katie says:

      Bill, I totally think they’ll bring back 7 minutes of burpees! The other night I was thinking maybe it would be like 13.5 last year — if you get 30 burpees in a minute, you get to the second minute; if you get 60 burpees in 2 minutes, you get to the third minute, etc…it would be so awefome!