Friday, February 7
February 6, 2014
Sunday, February 9
February 8, 2014


2 rounds of
10 Hanging Scap Retractions
10 Hip Bridges
10 V-ups
30 Jumping Jacks

SkillMuscle Ups
Muscle Up Progression

2 rounds of 5 FG Ring Rows + 5 Kip-to-Hip Bridge


3 rounds of 2-4 Band Assisted Muscle-Up Transitions


15 minutes MU practice/attempts (work on any of the below)

  1. kip swing on rings
  2. pull to hips
  3. muscle ups

Switch stations every 90 seconds until the the team has completed a 5k Row

Station 1) Row for max meters
Station 2) Rest
Station 3) 20 Box Jumps
Station 4) 20 KB Swings
Station 5) 20 V-Ups


  1. Dray says:

    Well, very happy to have 6 people for this! Double the rest and less overall rowing may be the only reason I was still standing at the end… wait, no, I wasn’t standing… Sprinting the two rows, averaging around a 1:35 500m time (dropped pretty drastically in the last 15 seconds of the second) really killed me. I couldn’t jump up to the 24″ box afterwards which is a first and even a lower height was doubtful.