Saturday, February 8
February 7, 2014
Monday, February 10
February 9, 2014


3 rounds of
6 Spider Lunges with double reach up
6 Cross-Body Spider Lunges (Dynamic Pigeon)
6 Plank-to-Dolphin Push-Up
6 Jump Squats

2 x 30sec/wrist Partner Band Distracted Wrist Stretch

1 x 3 Hang Clean Hi-Pull + 6 Front Squat
1 x 3 Hang Power Clean + 6 Push Press
1 x 3 Power Clean + 6 Thruster

25min to find 1RM Cluster (“Squat Clean-to-Thruster”)*
* May also power clean and then thruster

Team Met-Con
Working in teams of 3, complete 6 x 6 Cluster* + 18 Pull-Ups** + 36 KB Russian Twist (18/side)

* Cluster Weights: M=135/115/95/75; W=93/73/63/55
** Pull-Up Scaling: Scale down to 12 Band-Assisted + 6 Burpees; scale up to 12 C2B


  1. Dray says:

    This was actually more fun than expected! I had been aiming for 125# coming in but hit 135# which proves three things seem to push me beyond expectations: catching up on sleep, clean eating for a day and encouragement by all the others working around and with me.

    I was thinking 75# for the metcon but after feeling good and with prompting from Charles I joined in at 95# which felt great. Splitting the rounds evenly so only 2 thrusters at a time was no problem (not suggesting 115# would have been a better choice, though).

    In fact, felt so good after this I figured I would try a shortened version of the squat workout I missed on Friday. Made some bigger jumps up to a set of 10 at just under 70% of what I thought was my 1RM and 10 at just above but still felt solid so I went ahead and decided to see if I could push a little to figure out more specifically what my max really is since I’ve never tested. Worked up to 200# (previous max 175#) and feel like it still wasn’t my limit but that was as high as I wanted to go after thrusters. A good day all around!

  2. Tom says:

    How could you not expect that to be fun?

    • Dray says:

      To be fair I judged the cluster based on the thruster. I should have given it a chance since there’s no reason to think if a thruster sucks that it will still suck if you do it from the ground, right?

  3. Katie says:

    I maintain Dray should have done 115# thrusters!

    I enjoyed working with Dhriti and Jane throughout class. I subbed cleans and push presses for the clusters. Cleans felt oddly easy, I kept adding weight and before I knew it I was doing 75#! It went up so easily, then I was done for the day. But I’m pretty sure that was a push press PR?? I’m proud that I didn’t jerk! :o)

    I went for too heavy of a band on the pull-ups so did some bonus pull-ups after class with a lighter band….I also did a lot of hip mobility because I was hurting a little, and felt much better later in the day as a result.