Monday, February 10
February 9, 2014
Wednesday, February 12
February 11, 2014


3 Rounds of
5 dolphin pushups
10 OH band pull aparts
15 tube face pulls
20 jumping jacks

Strength (20 min time cap)
Push press 5-5-3-3-2-2

4 Rounds of 2 minutes work, 2 minutes Rest
6 Shoulder to Overhead*
12 KB Swings

*Wt Options: M=135/115/95/75; W=93/83/63/55
– Score is total rounds and reps, pick up where the previous round left off


  1. Charles says:

    Three firsts for me,
    1) 155# push press for 2
    2) 115# for met-con push press (I’ve never done any met-con higher than 95#)
    and, strangely,
    3) met *another* Charles Wharton who was attending the 7pm intro workout. Alas, no DeLorean’s in sight or apparent family connections, but still a pretty good Tuesday night.

  2. Dray says:

    Today was supposed to be a rest day but how could I skip when pictured in the blog for the second day in a row? And now with a rough metcon tomorrow which might actually help loosen up… maybe rest just won’t happen any time soon.

    Great job, Charles, both on the 2 rep and using 115# for a tough metcon! Looked like you were getting a lot more out of the dip and drive tonight than in the past; I expect that if you continue in that direction you’ll blow that number away soon enough, too!

  3. Jessie C. says:

    Yes, great job, Charles!

    I hit two reps at 113 for the push press and one rep at 123… Did the MetCon at 83 with Tammy and I think I miscounted when giving Tom my final score. I believe I actually got 7 full rounds as opposed to 8.

  4. Kenna says:

    I PRed at 88# with 2 solid reps, which felt great! Almost got up 93#, probably was not rested/focused on my try, but I feel that I can break that barrier next time maybe!

    On the metcon I used 63#, felt really consistent and solid in the first two rounds, and struggled a bit on the 3rd (nothing surprising). BUT on the 4th round it was like someone hit me with a tranq dart! I had very little muscle control and got pretty sloppy. Ugh. I got 7 rounds, no thanks to round 4. I even had to scale my very last round of KB swings to Russian style because I was scared I would drop it on my head.