Friday, February 14
February 13, 2014
Sunday, February 16
February 15, 2014


3 rounds of
6 Arm Circles/direction,
6 Over-Under Scap Touches/side,
6 Squats,
6 Spider Lunges,
6 Cross-Body Spider Lunges (Dynamic Pigeon Stretch),
6 Supermans

2 x 3 Hang Snatch Hi-Pull + 3 BTN Snatch Strict Press + 3 OHS, follow each set 9 OH Band Pull-Aparts
– bar only for each set


8 x 2 Hang Power Snatch + 2 Snatch Grip Push Press + 4 OHS

6 x 2 Hang Power Snatch + 2 Snatch Grip Push Press + 2 Heaving Snatch Balance

Partner Met-Con
2 x 4min Partner Ladder of 1+ Plate Get-Up and 1+ Alt DB Row/side in the Plank Position; 4min Rest
– P1 does one plate get-up while P2 does one DB row per arm in the plank position, then P1 does the DB rows while P2 does the plate get-up. Next P1 does two plate get-ups while P2 does two alternating DB rows/side, etc. Continue for 8min


  1. Dray says:

    Worked with Charles and really focused on pushing under the bar on the snatch balance and I think it went pretty well! Stopped at 80# as my shoulders didn’t like the 6 reps at a time ending with dropping down like that. Biggest improvement: with Mike’s suggestion of really focusing on pinching the shoulder blades (even though I was thinking I already did that) as I dropped, really felt a lot less pressure on my arms while stabilizing and more on the upper back which made it a lot easier.

    The met-con wasn’t bad at all, probably because I picked weights that weren’t very aggressive for a 4 minute stretch. After the first round I bumped up the plate from 35# to 45# (I like the plate getups, should have done this from the start), DB from 35# to 40# (the last time we did renegade rows had me gunshy here, should have gone 45#) and still Charles and I beat our previous run by 6 reps and I left feeling good.

  2. Kenna says:

    I thought that the OHS were going to be the limiting factor for me here, but they felt surprisingly solid for me this time. OHS are slowly making their way off my list of “least favorite lifts.” The snatches started feeling heavy toward the end, and had to push my way towards the end. I hit 63#, which is higher than I usually go on snatches (usually stop around 55#, according to past blog comments). Our group only got through six rounds, oops.

    Used 15# on the plate get ups… should have been using 25#. Used 20# DB on the 1st round, moved UP to 25# DB on the 2nd round and still beat 5 rungs of the ladder (got halfway through 6)!