Sunday, February 23
February 23, 2014
Tuesday, February 25
February 24, 2014


3 Rounds
10 Arm circles/direction
10 pause squats
10 PVC dislocates
10 spider lunges
5 hanging scap retractions
5 plank to squat

Strength – Strict Chin-Up (20 min time cap)
5 x max rep unbroken Chin-Ups*
*Any less than 10 reps, make up remainder with OH Band Pull Aparts

– If unable to do a chin-up, then scale to 2 chin-up grip negatives + 8 OH Band Pull Aparts
– If unable to control negatives, scale further to 10 Ring Rows

Partner Met-Con
12 min AMRAP of
8 Renegade Rows (4/side) right into plank hold while partner completes 8 Alt. OH Plate Lunges (alternate legs stepping back, 4/side)

Partner A performs 8 Renegade Rows (Row+pushup) while B Rests, then
A holds plank while Partner B completes 8 OH Plate lunges, then
Partner B performs 8 Renegade Rows (Row+pushup) while A Rests, then
B holds plank while Partner A completes 8 OH Plate lunges, etc.

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