Saturday, February 22
February 21, 2014
Monday, February 24
February 23, 2014


Hall-to-Wall Inchworm
3 Rounds of
10 Alt Samson Lunges
10 Alt T Push-Ups
10 Supine Scorpion
10 Dead Bugs

Strength – Deadlift
1 x 10 RDL w/ Bar
1 x 5 @ 35%
1 x 5 @ 50
1 x 3 @ 65
4 x 3 @ 75, Following each set of deadlifts with 10 Band Pull Aparts + 10 Hollow Rocks + 10 Hyper Rocks

6 minute Band Hamstring series
6 minutes wall (2 minutes each): Squat, hip cross (L&R)


  1. Dray says:

    Was there a workout today? I feel like everything that came before was erased by the torture handed down towards the end of class. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t really healthy just based on how much smiling I saw on the faces of the cruel people who kicked and prodded us into painfully contorted positions!

    …okay, pushing to 225# on my last set of 3 DL with Will felt pretty good. Since I don’t know my 1RM I’m pretending it’s higher than it probably is leading to “75% = 225#”.

    More importantly, awesome party last night, definitely a good celebration of a great year! Glad to see so many people, have formal introductions with those who I’ve met and talked to many times over the past year but somehow skipped exchanging names and stuff my face with anything that walked in the door. I heard more than one remark about my comments on here so that means people are in fact reading the blog but must be too busy to prevent it from looking like Katie, Kenna and I are talking to ourselves. I swear having the history of what I’ve done in workouts and hearing from others who are struggling or have struggled with the same things has been useful!

    Thanks to our wonderful coaches who for some reason seem to have dedicated themselves to making our lives better. That’s not really the norm at other gyms I’ve visited and not to be taken for granted.

  2. Katie says:

    I missed talking to you this past week, Dray! I’ll try to do better this week and make time at work to comment. That’s clearly more important than my actual job anyway.

    The mobility work was SO NEEDED, but I agree, painful! I did bonus mobility after class (check out the photo Jessi took on Facebook) and I left with my hips feeling better than they had in a long time. Totally exhausted, though, because I did single leg DLs (at Chris’s suggestion; I’d never do them without being told cuz they’re so damn hard). Warm up sets at 15# and 25#, then 4 x 2 each side at 35#. Sounds light but it was soooo tiring, wow! On my own, I remembered Chris’s previous cue to think about lifting the leg first (instead of bending over), then Chris reminded me to breathe into my stomach rather than chest (for probably the 100th time. Good thing he’s so patient!)

    Ditto to Dray’s comments, awesome party, I’m so glad everyone could make it!!! Thanks to everyone for bringing such amazing food…particularly Chap for bringing the tuna and steak and tables to put all the awesome food on!

    I can’t believe it’s been a year at 14th Street! It’s flown by. It’s been incredible how many new people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and sweating with — can’t wait to see what the next years will bring!!

    Lastly, a shoutout to Tom’s mom, our official CFDC stalker! Glad to have you read our musings. 🙂