Wednesday, February 26
February 25, 2014
Friday, February 28 – Optional Mobility & Prep for Open Athletes
February 27, 2014


3 Rounds of
5 hanging scap retractions
10 dolphin push-ups
15 tube face pulls

20 minutes to work to a 5 RM Push Press

Team Met-Con
In groups of 3-4* people, complete a 1-2-1 pyramid** of:
15 Calories Row
10 Wall Balls

* Each person completes their respective rounds before the next person begins

** A completes 1 round of rowing and WB, then B, then C; next A completes 2 rounds of rowing and WB, then B, then C; and finally, A completes 3 rounds of rowing and WB, then B, then C.


  1. Katie says:

    Yesss!!! I’ve been hoping for S2OH all week! Not push jerks, but they will do. 🙂

  2. Katie says:

    Very fun! I worked up to 68# — not too shabby for 5 reps, I was pleased!

    Modified the metcon to 10 cal row and push press-style wall balls because my hips just weren’t feeling it tonight. Even modified and scaled it still got my heart rate up very well.

    I stuck around to watch the first CFDC athletes try out 14.1 — so much awesomeness!! Lots of fun to watch, and I can’t wait to see everyone kick butt on Saturday!

  3. Kenna says:

    Got 4+1 reps at 83#. Wasn’t feeling like I was being as tight as I should be through the core–something that I’ve been working on, but would get a little sloppy on when hitting reps 4 and 5 of a set.

    Worked with Reggie and James on the metcon, a fun, encouraging team with dance moves I’m sure I slowed them down but I definitely got in a good workout.

    In other news, this workout made me super hungry today!

    • Reg (cfdc's odb) says:

      Nah, Kenna, you didn’t slow us (James and me) down. Quite the contrary: You gave us additional rest (and more time to dance). Besides, your wall balls looked good…really. I’ve always enjoyed working out with you on team met-cons. Thanks for the compliments. 🙂

      I really enjoyed the mix/diversity with the team met-con.

      I worked up to 145# x 4 on the push press. I just could not get that last rep in; my shoulders were telling me “No mas!” 🙂 Oh well. Thanks to my partner James for pushing/encouraging me to do that last set.