Tuesday, March 4
March 3, 2014
Thursday, March 6
March 5, 2014


3 Rounds of
5 Dive Bomber Push-Ups
10 Alt Samson Lunges
5 Rolling Split Straddles
10 Supine Scorpions

1 x 10 Strict Press (bar only) + 10 Step Ups (5 per leg)
1 x 5 Push press (light wt) + 15 Squats (bodyweight only)
1 x 3 Push press (moderate wt) + 6 Box Jumps

EMOM, 21min, rotating between the following three exercises (one exercise a minute, seven total rounds of each exercise):

3 Push Press (bar taken from floor; wt options: M= 155, 135, 115, 95, 75; W= 103, 88, 73, 63, 50)
6 Box Jumps
6 Clapping Push-Ups*

*scale to (A) plyo push-up, (B) regular, or (C) push-ups on the knees

1 minute each side banded Bully Extension Bias (BaSL p.270)
1 minute each side Death stretch


  1. Dray says:

    Worked with Paul at 115# and this went a lot easier than I expected. I had to talk myself into the 115# by remembering that it’s what I used for the Curtis P workout but without lunges and less total reps so it shouldn’t be a problem (ignoring that I failed to get the bar overhead several times that night) but by the end I was kinda thinking I should have done more reps (135# came up as a possibility but I really don’t think I would have gotten more than a round at that weight). Always love 30″ box jumps, too, and I know everyone who was there on Monday really wanted more pushups!

    So that should be it for the week. Maybe mobility night Friday but if not, see you all Saturday for 14.2, whatever it may be!

  2. Kenna says:

    So I felt really good about this workout (maybe it was the epic ’80s music playing)!

    I used 73#, which I’ve never used in a metcon before (just recently had graduated from 53# to 63#). It felt pretty solid! I went a little slower to really focus on form. It definitely wasn’t light, but I wasn’t struggling.

    On box jumps, this was the first time I did not sub in step ups at any point since the double exclamation point incident last July. I wasn’t rushing, so I felt more in control.

    I probably could have gone through the movements quicker for more intensity but I’m happy that I was able to do more weight with good form and box jumps without freaking myself out (or punctuating my shins).

  3. Tom says:

    Nice work Dray and Kenna! This was a good one to challenge yourself on the Box Jump height without being too gassed out.

  4. Katie says:

    No love for the push jerk, huh? 🙁

    I really enjoyed working with Angela and having a conversation broken up into a bunch of 15-second intervals. Some progress on box jumps, I put a plate on the 12″ and managed to stick with jumps on that and my lower back didn’t hurt! Yay! Did 50# for the push presses (which felt a little light but I think 63# might have been too much), and stuck to as-perfect-as-possible HR knee push-ups.

    Mobility work, though painful during, always makes me feel better afterward.