Saturday, March 4 – Open Workout 14.2
March 7, 2014
Sunday, March 9
March 8, 2014

NOTE: Saturday’s Open Gym will be from 2-4pm


3 Rounds of
5 Hanging Scap Retractions
5 Dolphin Push-Ups
10 PVC Dislocates
10 PVC OHS Squat to Sotts Press

1 x 5 OHS* (bar only) + 5 hollow to arch on pull-up bar
1 x 5 OHS* (light wt) + 5 kip swings on pull-up bar
1 x 5 OHS* (at or near working weight) + 3 pull-ups (@ scaling option to be used in workout)

* To get the bar into position for the OHS, perform 1 Clean to BTN Wide Grip Push Press as follows:

  1. First, clean the bar;
  2. Second, partially push press the bar, raising it just high enough to move it behind your head and onto your shoulders;
  3. Third, widen your hands to your OHS position (same width as your grip for snatches);
  4. Fourth, keeping the hands wide, push press the bar from your shoulders into the overhead position so that you are ready to begin the OHS;
  5. Fifth, drop the bar – do NOT squat the weight, this drill is simply to prepare you for getting the bar into the OHS position

Partner Met-Con
6 rounds, 3min ON + 3min OFF, working as far through the following descending ladder as possible:

2 Rounds of 10 OHS and 10 Pull-ups;
2 Rounds of 8 OHS and 8 Pull-ups;
2 Rounds of 6 OHS and 6 Pull-ups;
AMRAP Rounds of 4 OHS and 4 Pull-ups

Weight Options: M=95/75/65; W=63/53/45/35
Pull-up Options: Chest-to-Bar / Chin over Plane/ Assistance with Single Band / Ring Rows

3 Rounds, NFT, of
15 Tube Face Pulls
10 Single Arm DB Rows

2 rounds per person of
Max reps Cradle of Pain


  1. Sara K. says:

    oh wow! Cradle of Pain! an oldie but a goodie! I don’t think we’ve seen this since Kalorama.

  2. Kenna says:

    Used 45# which was a good move, not sure I could have handled this many reps at 53#. Had to focus a lot in stability in the lasted reps.

    First time I’ve done band assisted instead of ring rows in a long time. They were getting a little messy towards the end, but I’m glad I scaled up from ring rows. I expect to be sore tomorrow…