Saturday, March 4 – Class
March 7, 2014
Monday, March 10
March 9, 2014

Don’t forget to set your clocks 1 hour ahead due to Daylight Saving Time, which kicks in at 2am Sunday morning


3 Rounds of
20 spider lunges
20 band good mornings
10 supine scorpion
10 hips to wall

Strength – Deadlift

1 x 10 RDL with bar only;
1 x 10 Deadlift @ 35%
1 x 8 DL @ 50%
1 x 5 DL @ 65%

5 x 3 DL @ 75%

3 Rounds, NFT, of
10-15 Single Arm DB Rows
20 Windshield Wipers


  1. Katie says:

    Yay deadlifts!!! I did RDLs and Kelly and I worked at 103#, which felt moderately challenging but not bad. Today’s win was doing windshield wipers without my lower back hurting! Woohoo! I’d forgotten how hard those things are.

    To everyone in the 11:30 class who did an additional 10 alternating T push-ups per round in the warm-up, you’re welcome! I commented about how I’m always happy when there are no alt T push-ups, so of course Chris added them to taunt me. So I did them. Thanks for the extra upper body work, Chris, much appreciated!

    So, how was the workout for everyone else? I can’t keep up the comments all on my own this week without Dray!

    As always, watching everyone do 14.2 was incredible! Awesome work!!

  2. Julia says:

    Jumping in while the comment police is away!

    Just wanted to say, every time I do hips to wall and band good mornings now I think about Margot scolding me for not hinging from the hips and being too stiff-legged. It’s a good reminder. Thanks Margot! 🙂