Tuesday, March 11
March 10, 2014
Thursday, March 13
March 12, 2014


2 rounds of
10 Scap Push-Ups
10 Spider Lunges
5 Dolphin Push-Ups
5 Superman with Arm Retraction

Partner Skill Work (8 min time cap)
2 Rounds, not for time, of 3 Wall Walkers* while partner rests**
*Scale Up #1: add 10 Alternating shoulder touches on first wall walk of each round;
** Scale Up #2: resting partner holds plank position while working partner performs wall walks

Strength Work (15 min time cap)
Push Press 3-3-3, then Push Jerk 5-5
– work up to moderate 3 rep Push press, then continue with 2 sets of push jerk, and focus on driving under the bar with feet in place. add weight across all five sets as able

4 Single-Arm DB Push Press Left
8 Alternating Single-Arm Renegade Rows
4 Single-Arm DB Push Press Right
8 Alternating Single-Arm Renegade Rows


  1. Katie says:

    This was a bit of an off night for me. My body is always mad the week after daylight savings, and my shoulders and lower back were tight as well. Even though I wasn’t particularly happy with my performance, I know days like these still help build toward the exciting, PR days.

    Worked from 53# to 78# on the last set of 2 push jerks. I got the first one, then rested with the bar for too long and failed on the second. I used a 12.5# DB for the metcon due to renegade rows being tough for me. The row part wasn’t bad, but my hips and lower back were struggling to keep a stable plank position, so I switched to just push-ups near the end.

    Onward and upward — looking forward to 14.3!!!

  2. Kenna says:

    I hit 98# on the last set of push jerks. Definitely a PR since my max on cleaning is 88# and then are done in tandem. I want to break triple digits overhead!!