Wednesday, March 12
March 11, 2014
Friday, March 14 – Optional Mobility & Prep for Open Athletes
March 14, 2014


3 Rounds of
15 Squats
10 Band Pull Aparts
5 Rolling Split Straddles

90 seconds death stretch each side (:45 Quad emphasis; :45 Hip Flexor emphasis)

1 x 5 Hang Clean Hi Pulls + 5 Front Squats (bar only)
1 x 3 Hang Power Cleans + 3 Front Squats (light weight)
1 x 3 Hang Squat Clean + 3 Thrusters (working weight)

3 Rounds, 1 minute work / 1 minute rest, of
A) max cal Row
B) max rep Hang Squat Cleans (95/75 or 63/45)
C) max rep Flutter Kicks
D) max rep Wall Ball


  1. Katie says:

    This was a fun one! I subbed hang power cleans for the squat cleans and used 45#, which intially felt light but of course at the end of each minute was heavy. Flutter kicks were deceptively tough due to having to stay hollow. I worked with a 10# ball and did real wall balls, and didn’t get corrected for hip shifting, so that was a major plus! Oddly, my rows improved every round — I hovered around 2:15/500 the first round, then 2:10, then 2:08. Not sure if I got warmed up or if I was just keeping some fuel in the tank!

    SO PUMPED FOR 14.3!!!!! Deadlifts + box jumps (read: step-ups). This is going to be fun!

    • Katie says:

      Oh, I also forgot something important! We all know this, but man, our coaches are pretty sharp. I’ve been doing wall balls and cleans for over 2 years now and I got two new cues last night from Coach Chris and Coach Steph. Wall balls: Chris noticed I was doing a weird thing with my hands where I had them to the sides rather than under the ball. I moved my hands so they were under the ball and it was immediately easier! Cleans: Steph noticed I was jumping back on each one. I didn’t quite understand how bad it was until I started on a seam in the floor, then noticed after 2 cleans I was 6 inches behind it! Oops!

      It’s pretty cool to have coaches who help us constantly improve like that.