Monday, March 17
March 16, 2014
Wednesday, March 19
March 18, 2014


3 rounds of
20 PVC Push Jack (jumping jack done with PVC from the behind the neck to overhead)
6 PVC Dislocates
10 Samson Lunges
6 Dive Bomber Push-Up to Alt-T
10 Spider Lunges

3 x 1 Clean + 2 Dip-Pause-Push Press + 3 Power Jerk

15min to find a 2 RM power jerk (bar from the floor)
no press outs allowed; if an attempt is pressed-out, re-attempt the same weight, or drop down in weight – do NOT increase weight

5 x 30sec max Push Press, 30sec Rest, 30sec Russian Twist, 30sec Rest

Push press weight – if final Power Jerk was:
– >275, then use 175lb
– b/t 225-275, then use 150lb
– b/t 185-225, then use 125lb
– b/t 135-185, then use 95lb
– b/t 95-135, then use 70lb
– b/t 65-95, then use 50lb


  1. Kenna says:

    Got to 93#, a PR for clean, which is my limiting factor on clean/jerk combo. I need to not be afraid to drop further under the weight. Jerks felt great. Metcon was brutal. Was definitely tired and hungry afterwards…