Wednesday, March 19
March 18, 2014
Friday, March 21 – Optional Mobility & Prep for Open Athletes
March 20, 2014


2 rounds of
12/dir Wrist Circles each side,
12/dir Arm Circles each side,
6 Spider Lunge Push-Ups (push-up + spider lunge),
6 Scorpion,
3 Burpees

Skill Work – Ring Dips
If you have:
– NO Ring Dips, start at Step 1 and progress as high as possible
– STRICT Ring Dips, start at Step 3, and attempt to progress to Step 5
– KIPPING Ring Dips, start at Step 4, and progress to Step 5
– For any ability, continue repeating the last successful Step.

  1. 3 x 1 Jump to Stabilize (hold up to a 5-1000 count)
  2. 1 x 3 Unsupported Negative
  3. 1 x 3 Feet Supported Strict Ring Dip (12” box; legs straight for more difficulty, bent for easier)
  4. 1 x 3 Strict Ring Dip
  5. 1 x 6 Kipping Ring Dips

2 Rounds of
3min AMRAP of 6 Chin-Ups + 6 Ring Dips (scale to ring rows for chin-ups & close grip push-ups for ring dips; no bands)
3min REST
3min AMRAP of 12 Russian Swings + 24 DUs (scale to 30 High Knees + 30 Single Skips)
3min REST


  1. Katie says:

    I was excited to do ring work to work on my shoulder strength, particularly in smaller stabilizing muscles. Initially I couldn’t stabilize on the rings, so had to have some assistance from coaches. However, Coach Chris gave me an awesome cue to actually think about hollowing AS I jump up, not just once I’m there — this would help me keep the rings in a better position, right under my shoulders and not behind me. After that, I managed to stabilize myself for a couple seconds! Sweet.

    Close-grip push-ups are kind of tough. I also need to get back on the DU practice so I can get rid of high knees!