Saturday, April 5
April 5, 2014
Monday, April 7
April 6, 2014


3 Rounds of
10 spider lunges
10 hip bridges
10 supine scorpion
10 arm circles each direction
10 band pull aparts

3 x 2 reps of Kettlebell Arm Bar per side (ideally hold each rep for 3 breaths)

Strength – Floor Press

Partner OH Carry Relay:
– Double DB/KB Overhead
– Double DB/KB Front Rack
– Double DB/KB Mixed Carry (1 Overhead, 1 Farmers carry)
– Double DB/KB Farmers


  1. Katie says:

    SO glad this was upper body, my hip flexors needed a break. Thank you to Coach Adri and Coach Derrick for the help on the KB arm bar — new movements throw me off sometimes. I tried it with a 15# and 20# and for me it was more strength/stabilization than mobility. Always nice to try something different.

    Floor presses went pretty well, I worked up to 73# – I haven’t done them for so long, I have no clue how that compares to my previous weights.

    No better way to spend a beautiful Sunday than carrying some weights down the alley! I used 20# to start, then finished by borrowing Tammy’s 25# DBs for the farmers’ carry.

    Congratulations to Coach Chris, Sara, and Mike for their amazing performances in Shreveport this weekend! We missed you!