Tuesday, April 8
April 7, 2014
Thursday, April 10
April 9, 2014


2 Rounds of
20 Jumping Jacks
10 Squats
10 Dolphin Push-Ups
5 Hanging Scap Retractions
5 Plank-to-Squat

Strength – Push Press (20 min time cap)

10min, EMOM, alternating between:
A) 6 Burpee Pull-Ups (scale to 3 burpees + 3 jumping pull-ups)
B) 12 DB Push Press (M @ 1/2 BW, W @ 1/3 BW)


  1. Abbey says:

    Burpee pullups, YESSSSS!

  2. Dray says:

    I feel like the burpee pullups would have been as fun as I expected if I had used a lower bar… jumping to the high ones really took a lot of focus to not just whiff the bar and fall back down! Definitely one of the more exhausting EMOM-style workouts I’ve done. DB push press always sucks so that was no surprise.

    Up to 135# on the last set of 3 which I didn’t think was a PR but if I can trust my notes and previous posts, I did 125# last time I did sets of 3 (1/14) and 135# last time we did sets of 2 (2/11) so I feel even better about that now! It was heavy but didn’t feel like a max so either I was slacking those days or several weeks of travel and lazy helped somehow.

  3. Kenna says:

    Worked up to 93# on the 3-reps, the third rep barely got up, but I did it! I’ve jerked that weight before but first time for push press. I used 25# DB on the DB PP EMOM metcon (love the abrevs, haha), last couple of rounds were challenging. Don’t tell Chris but I had to jerk the final 2 reps of the metcon. They just weren’t going up otherwise.

    Way to go on your PR realization Dray!

    Whew! I can already tell that I am going to be S-O-R-E tomorrow!

  4. Katie says:

    Kenna, I had no doubt that third rep would get up! 🙂 Nice job, Dray, and great to have you back this week!

    Stupid DC traffic made me get to the gym at 6:45, which I was mad about, but going to the 7:30 class gave me the privilege of working with Kathy and Kenna. Always fun since they’ve been lifting buddies since Kalorama, and it’s great to see how far we’ve come! I was exhausted but managed to get 1 rep at 78# on the last set before failing and calling it. I think that’s my 1 RM push press, so not bad for a tired day. A couple good cues today…staying on the heels, actually breathing into my abs, and shrugging both shoulders evenly.

    I used 20# for the metcon and managed to stick with it, though the last 2 rounds were tough! Still trying to figure out jumping pull-ups with the right amount of jump vs. pull.

    Shoulders and triceps are already feeling it, and I know it’s going to get worse! (better?)