Wednesday, April 16
April 15, 2014
Friday, April 18
April 17, 2014


3 Rounds of
10 Spider Lunges
5 Dolphin Push-Ups
10 Wrist Circles each direction/side
10 Squats
5 Plank-to-Squat
10 Arm Circles each direction/side

1 x 3 hang hi pulls+ 6 front squats (bar only)
1 x 3 hang power cleans + 4 front squats (light weight)
1 x 3 hi-pulls (from the floor) + 2 front squats (light to moderate)

Workout (15 min time cap)
Teams of no more than 3, complete for time*:
Squat Cleans and Side-Hop Burpees

Wt Options = Men 165/135/95, Women 113/93/63
Side-Hop Burpee = regular burpee followed by an over-and-back side hop over the barbell
*A performs 6 squat clean, then B does squat cleans, then C; next A performs 6 side-hop burpees, then B, then C. Continue in this fashion until all reps are complete.


  1. Katie says:

    I have been so delinquent on comments — busy couple weeks!

    This workout was a lot of fun! I subbed hang power cleans at 63# and double-jump barfees. It was great working with Gloriz and Kathy — we finished in the last second thanks to Kathy’s quick burpee!

    6:30 class got to do CRADLE OF PAIN! I know, I’m weird, but I really like it…such a fun challenge!

  2. Reg (cfdc's odb) says:

    Third workout in a row (for me) this week.

    This was a fun workout for me…even with the burpees in the mix. 🙂

    I used 135# for the workout. The weight wasn’t too bad; I just tend to be a slow starter with the Olympic lifts. By round three (the four-rep set), my hips felt more open, and I felt that was I able to get into a deeper squat.

    All I can say about these burpees is that it’s challenging to jump over the bar with heavy weightlifting shoes on. 😉

    The noon class rocked, and everyone did a great job! Special thanks to my partner Jonathan (sp?) for always asking “Are you finished?” 😀 (Just kidding…I think.)