Friday, April 18
April 17, 2014
Sunday, April 20
April 19, 2014


3 Rounds of
5 Inchworm in Place
5 Hanging Scap Retractions
10 Scap Push-Ups
10 Side Plank Reach-n-Squeeze/side
15 Hip Bridges

Strength Work (25 min time cap)
5 Rounds, NFT*, of
8-15 DB Floor Press
10 Band Pull-Aparts
take 2 prep sets with light and medium DBs then return those and stick with one pair if possible for all 5 working sets. Should be able to complete 12+ in first set.

Team Met-Con (30 min time cap)
6 Rounds of
3 Wall Walkers
6 Box-Over Burpees
9 OH Plate Sit-Ups
12 Alt Single Arm DB Snatch
4 people per team
– Rotate as a team once each member has completed reps at given station (each team member starts at a different station)
– Box over Burpee = 1 regular burpee, then hop or step onto box and step down to other side.


  1. Dray says:

    Well I felt better about getting to 40# on the floor press before I knew Kelly had matched me (lower reps, but still) but the metcon today was fun! Teamed up with Phil, Greg and Charles – the wall walkers were probabyl the worst after the strength work of the day but luckily they were followed by the box-over burpees (which I really wanted to shorten to ‘BOBs’ without explanation) which ended up being a fun challenge to see how best to twist while coming up off the floor to land in position to jump straight up onto the box.

    Definitely feeling back in the swing of things again, which is good because there’s only one more week in town before another 3 on the road!