Friday, May 2
May 1, 2014
Sunday, May 4
May 3, 2014


1 x Hall to wall Inchworm
1 x Hall to wall Spider crawl
1 x Hall to Wall Walking lunge
3 Rounds of
20 High Knees in Place
10 Alt Single-Leg Bird Pickers
20 Jumping Jacks
10 Hips-to-Wall

10 rounds of
15 M band resisted sprint

Team Met Con
In groups of four people, complete:
Max team Burpees DURING team member Med Ball Plank (feet on the ball)
Max team Renegade Rows DURING team member Hang from Pull-up bar
Max team push-ups DURING team member V Sit
Max team burpees DURING team member DB OH Lock Out

For each couplet of 1 static and 1 dynamic exercise, person A will begin in static hold, and remaining 3 do as many of the dynamic exercise as they can with one person working at a time. Reps can be broken up back and forth at will. As soon as A comes out of static hold, B takes their place and then the team continues. Repeat until all team members have done the Plank. Once last person has finished Plank, team moves on to Renegade rows while A hangs from pull-up bar, then B, etc. Same process for push-ups while 1 team member holds a V sit, then back to burpees while 1 person holds both DBs locked out standing. Team uses 1 pair of DBs for Rows and OH hold.


  1. Dray says:

    Yesss, glad I didn’t miss this one, always love some sprints! The band resistance was pretty rough and at some points I really didn’t think I was moving forward at all. Towards the end of each my legs were giving out and I’m pretty sure Dave was easing up on me quite a bit. The last sprint without resistance was awesome, though. Despite the warning from Chris, still didn’t fully expect the difference on those first couple steps and almost lost to the gravel but after getting moving it felt like I was flying compared to the previous rounds!

    The met-con may be the first team workout where the peer pressure was actually in reverse with encouragement to fall faster. I didn’t need that encouragement, though. After doing endless burpees while Troy killed the first plank, everything else fell apart. The worst was the renegade rows and oddly what I had expected to be truly awful – the v-sit – wasn’t all that bad. By the end, though, we were barely getting in 3-5 burpees while someone held the DBs overhead or that round would have sucked pretty bad, too.

    This combination probably was very effective in sweating out a week’s worth of bad eating on the road so looking forward to being closer to 100% tomorrow then really, really sore when it kicks in on Monday.

  2. Katie says:

    Yeah Inchworms!!! 🙂 So bummed I missed this one! 🙁