Sunday, June 1
May 31, 2014
Tuesday, June 3
June 2, 2014


4 Rounds
4 Hanging Scap retractions
8 Alt-T Push-ups
4 Spider Lunges w/ reach on both sides
8 Supermans

Skill – Kipping progression (15 Minutes)
2 x 3 Hollow & hold, Arch & hold + 3 kip to hip bridge
2 x 5 Hollow to Arch transitions (fluid)
2 x 3-5 Kip Swing with straight arm elevation
1 x 3-5 Kip Swing with elevation and pull (partial or full pull-up)

21min, EMOM (7 Rounds each), rotating between

  1. Near max Unbroken Pull-ups (scale to 7 Band assisted Pul-Ups or 7 challenging Ring Rows)
  2. 14 Russian KB Swings
  3. 21 Flutter Kicks (21/side)


  1. Dray says:

    Been waiting for a long block of pull-ups! Always fun to see improvement and I was feeling pretty good at 75 pull-ups 5 rounds in until I looked down at my hands… not a really bad tear but to prevent it from getting worse only ended up doing a couple strict in rounds 6 and 7. Stung like crazy washing my hands afterwards, too. I may need some taping techniques for the rest of the week!

  2. Jane says:

    went heavy on the KB swings – 24 KG. Felt good. Banded pull ups are…coming along, I guess. I’d do so many things for just ONE strict pull up.

  3. Katie says:

    Wow, Jane, 24 kg??!? Beast mode!!

    Really awesome class with Coach Adri, she gave some great tips on kipping! She noticed I was bending my legs a little to avoid kicking the floor, and suggested I go to a higher bar. It was a little annoying getting up there, but it definitely helped me! If you’re 5’6″ or up, I recommend giving the higher bar a try.

    The first half of the EMOM was fine, then around round 11 it got tougher. I did challenging ring rows (feet about halfway back in the rack) and subbed band pull-throughs. Thanks to Sara for tips on the flutter kicks, I was really struggling to stay hollow on those but keep my neck relaxed.

  4. Kenna says:

    I wasn’t feeling 100% today, but glad I ended up coming.

    Great kipping coaching from Adri, even though it still feels like I’m light years away from any type of unassisted pull-ups.

    Felt pretty good on the band-assisted pull-ups until the 5th round. I could only get 5 so I switched to rings for last two. Used 35# KB which felt like the right amount of challenging.

    My beau and I are out for a week. Hopefully we will get in some good hiking, kayaking, and biking to keep from being too shocked upon return!