Tuesday, June 3
June 2, 2014
Thursday, June 5
June 4, 2014


3 Rounds of
10 arm circles each direction
10 spider lunges
10 wrist circles/direction
10 supine scorpion
10 dolphin pushups

2 x 1 minute Partner Bully stretch each person

Skill Work – Ring Dips
If you have:
– NO Ring Dips, start at Step 1 and progress as high as possible
– STRICT Ring Dips, start at Step 3, and progress as high as possible
– KIPPING Ring Dips, start at step 4, and progress to step 5
– For any ability, continue repeating the last successful Step.

  1. 3 x 1 Jump to Stabilize (hold up to a 5-1000 count)
  2. 1 x 3 Unsupported Negative
  3. 1 x 3 Feet Supported Strict Ring Dip (12” box; legs straight for more difficulty, bent for easier)
  4. 1 x 3-5 Strict Ring Dip
  5. 1 x 5-7 Kipping Ring Dips

18 minutes, EMOM (6 rounds each), of
– Ring dips ( ½ estimated max reps, try to maintain through all 6 rounds)
– 8 KB Russian twists per side
– 12 Band pull-aparts


  1. Katie says:

    Prediction: the worst part of this entire workout will be the band pull-aparts.

  2. Dray says:

    After Chris said unbroken for the dips I may have overcorrected to make sure I could be consistent through all six rounds. Went for 7 reps initially and was still feeling good by round five so I bumped that up to 10 for the last two which was difficult but didn’t hit that wall that typically slams into me on these.

    Worst part? Katie called it. 12 reps in a minute wasn’t exactly a problem but the pull-aparts were definitely adding up towards the end!

  3. Sara says:

    I thought the pull aparts really helped my ability to maintain my ring dip number. I went for 6 reps (and I didn’t realize they had to be unbroken) which I went unbroken on all 6 sets.

    Ring dips felt the best they ever have felt before.

    Pull aparts are beginning to get easier for me.

  4. Katie says:

    Ring dips are a bit down the road for me, but i was able to hold for about a 3 count….an improvement from previous times I could barely stabilize at all.

    Yup, band pull-aparts sucked. But the close grip push-ups were almost as bad! I did 5 per round and tried to stay tight, though I’m guessing I snaked up a little on some of them. Getting better, though.

    Tried 20# for the twists, realized it was a little too easy, so tried 35# because it was there…too heavy. 25# was just right! Goldilocks KB.