Saturday, June 21
June 21, 2014
Monday, June 23
June 22, 2014


3 Rounds
12 Pause Squats
9 Squats (regular tempo)
6 Jump Squats
12 Scorpion
12 hips to wall

Back Squat
1×10 w Bar
1×10@ 35%
1×5@ 50%
1×5@ 60%
2×10-15 @65%*

*If unable to complete at least 10 on first set, lower weight to 55% and try again.

Team Metcon
3 Rounds for time of:
12 Alt Front Rack Lunges (M 115/95/75, W 78/63/45) (6 per leg)
18 Step Ups 24/20 (9 per side)
24 DB Russian Twists (12 per side)


  1. Kenna says:

    Where were all the ladies today? We were out numbered at least 8:1! I used 88# for the two sets of 10-11 reps.

    63# on the front rack rack lunges was definitely challenging.

    My legs are already jello.

    • Katie says:

      Sorry, Kenna, rest day for me! I agree, some classes have had very few ladies recently. We need to step it up! At Kalorama we occasionally had classes where there were only one or two guys!

  2. Dray says:

    What a good squat day – always surprises me when it happens but as soon as we bumped up the weight for one of the sets of 5 it was easy to tell today was going to go well. First working set: 15 at 145#. Because working with Dave L. always ends up leading to some significant peer pressure, second working set: 15 at 155#. Rough but didn’t stop and didn’t feel like I was about to fall over by the end so maybe a little heavier would have still been fine, definitely if hitting 10 was the goal.

    The lunges were rough but Dave and Spencer wisely pulled me back from the edge of 115#. At 95# the last set was a struggle but kept moving so I think I would have survived heavier but gone much slower.