Thursday, June 26
June 25, 2014
Saturday, June 28
June 27, 2014


3 Rounds of
6 Hanging Scap Retractions
9 Dolphin Push-Ups
12 Superman
15 Jumping Jack Complex (1 Jumping Jack + 1 Split Jack)

Met Con Prep
1 x 3 Hollow & Hold, Arch & Hold on PU Bar + 10 Hollow Hops + 10 Arm circles/direction
1 x 5 Hollow & Arch (fluid) on PU Bar + 10 Hollow Hops + 10 Arm circles/direction

AMRAP in 24 Minutes of
6 Pull-ups / 9 Push-ups / 12 Sit-ups
15 Double Unders
2 rounds of 6/9/12
30 Double Unders
3 Rounds of 6/9/12
45 double Unders

Continue adding an additional round of 6/9/12 plus 15 more Double Unders each time, working as far as possible in 24 minutes.

scaling options
Pull-ups: Scale up to C2B; Scale down to (1) single band Assisted or (2) Ring Rows (No Kipping with Bands!)
Double Unders: Scale down to Lateral Hops over a band, where over & back = 1rep (NO single skip option)


  1. Katie says:

    I don’t know who that is in the picture, but that is a really lovely plank position.

    • Dray says:

      You’re not allowed to compliment the ‘others’, it will only make the inevitable location war that much more tragic.

  2. Kenna says:

    First off, the jumping jack complex takes THE MOST coordination and concentration of any warm up movement I’ve ever done!

    On the metcon I finished the 60 lateral hops on the dot. I scaled to band assisted pull ups for 3 rounds, then had to drop to ring rows. Push ups were actually the limiting factor for me. Kinda surprised me, but I guess I’ve been neglecting push ups for a while. I feel like I have been getting so much stronger on all the lifting, it felt kinda silly being so weak on pushups. Soooo I’m going to make a commitment to start working on pushups at home more.

    Roxanne also made an appearance at the noon class to make it extra fun.

    • Julia says:

      Jumping jack complex?! You cannot be serious. What if you get stuck on the warmup and never even get to the 24min amrap??

    • Katie says:

      Kenna, thanks for posting before the evening workout — I had about 3:30 left to finish a round of 6-9-12 and the 60 jumps, and knowing you finished 60 made me determined to finish! I also finished 60 right at the end.

      This was an odd one — I felt like I wasn’t moving very fast because I was only out of breath on the lateral hops. More of strength than metcon for me on the pull-ups and push-ups, then sit-ups were active rest.

  3. Vin F. says:

    Medals must really agree with Coach Chris as he has been on fire funny the last two days for the evening class. Usually he’s funny in the a.m and less so as the day progresses.

    Tonight I made it into Round 5 and was on my first set of Sit-ups when Coach Chris stopped by and was staring very intensely at my lower half. He had already corrected my upper body position at the end of the Sit-up so I was trying to figure out what I was doing wrong now.

    Was it my feet? My legs? Something else? Everything? All I knew was that there must be something horribly wrong because of how intense his stare was.

    Then I saw the problem: There was a moth flying between my legs.

    I shooed it away and Coach Chris says “Man, you are so old moths are flying out of you.”

    Keep up the funny Coach!

  4. Dray says:

    Well, the DUs failed on the round of 60 (had to stop after getting 1, 2, 1, 1…) but made it through the strength pieces on the round of 5 to complete 15 sets of the 6-9-12. I’ve been told not to add things up before the workout but since this is after, it’s fun to say 90 pull-ups, 135 push-ups and 180 sit-ups. The pull-ups felt solid, sit-ups slowed a bit and the push-ups… died quickly to 1 rep at a time.