Friday, June 27
June 26, 2014
Sunday, June 29
June 28, 2014

REMINDER: Today starts our NEW class schedule!
Remember that there will now be three 1-hour classes at 14th Steet (at 10am, 11am, and 12pm Noon) and                                            one 1-hour class at H Street (at 10am).
Sunday’s classes will remain at 90-minutes (at 10am and 11:30 at 14th Street, and at 10am only at H Street).


2 rounds of
12 Arm Circes/Dir,
8 Over-Under Scap Touch,
8 Opposite Toe Touch to Open-T* (4/side),
8 Spider Lunges (4/side),
8 Cross-Body Spider Lunge** (4/side)
* In the plank position (hands, not forearms), reach hand to opposite toe, then open up into the T-Position, rotating as far as possible, then return the hand to the floor and repeat on the other side
** Dynamic pigeon stretch


As a class,
6 x 1 Four Count Squat + 1 Jump Squat
four-count lower into the bottom of the squat followed by an explosive jump from the bottom position

Strength – Snatch (25min cap for Prep & Work)
1 x 3 Upright Bar Row* + 3 Hi-Hang Snatch Hi-Pull + 3 OHS (bar only)
1 x 2 Three-Pause Snatch Extension + 2 Hang Snatch Hi-Pull + 2 OHS (light weight)

– – Begin/Int – –
6 x 1 Hang Snatch + 2 OHS + 1 Hang Snatch
– may power both snatches, or may squat snatch the first rep

– – Adv – –
6 x 1 Squat Snatch + 1 Snatch
– both reps from the floor, should be touch&go; MUST pull under the first rep – Power to OHS is NOT acceptable for this workout

For 15min, complete 30sec On, 30 sec Off of:
(1) Mtn Climbers (until you reach 100 total, or 50/side)
(2) Russian Twist (until you reach 66 total, or 33/side)
(3) OH Lunges (until you reach 44 total, or 22/side)
(4) Burpees (AMRAP in remaining time)
– work your way as far through the movements as possible in the given time


  1. Dray says:

    Still keeping things light when pulling under but made it up to 85# and felt pretty solid. Chris pointed out how much I’m straight-arming when my focus changes from getting the bar overhead to getting under the bar and the few times I could keep it close made a big difference in how I landed. One big problem I have with catching overhead and even just OHS is my right wrist position – never seem to get it solidly lined up – but when the bar went straight up rather than out and around it made a big difference since the bar basically landed in the right place and wrist-arm-shoulder had to line up properly underneath.

    That… was a lot of burpees to wrap up. Went with a 45# plate since there was definitely no motivation to go lighter and faster on the earlier rounds but was on the burpees by round… 6? Had to cut a couple rounds off since we were running a bit late but I’m definitely not complaining about that.

  2. Katie says:

    Woof. This was rough after the pull-up work Friday night, my shoulders were spent. I worked up to 45#, which is okay because OHS are my toughest movement. Got a great cue from Coach Sara (also observed by Coach Adri)…I was shrugging my shoulders up rather than down and back. I tried the “active meaning down and back shoulders” on the last rep and it felt odd but a little more solid, so I’ll work on that.

    Ha, I also went on the heavy side with my bumper, 25# for Russian twists because I was fine being slow. 🙂 15# for front rack lunges, which were very slow but felt okay. Plate burpees are an extra challenge as I try not to smack my chin on the plate.