Monday, June 30
June 29, 2014
Wednesday, July 2
July 1, 2014


3 Rounds of
12 Pause Squats
8 Supine Scorpion
4 Dolphin Push-Ups

1 minute standing band Lat/ Tri stretch each side
1 minute Standing calf stretch (knee bent)

Strength – Front Squat (25 Minute time Cap)
– make each set challenging but not to failure

Finisher (8 Minutes)
4 rounds Tabata each of
– “B2B” squats
– V-Ups
– “B2B” squats
– Plank to squat


  1. Katie says:

    My hip flexors didn’t feel too awful during front squats, so that’s progress! Worked up to 55#, Coach Chris noted I was caving with my foot though my knee was pushing out, and my hips rose early on the last rep. Better, but a work in progress.

    Good “finisher”! The squat holds weren’t so much of a problem, but getting out of them was. I did not take the Salty Challenge on the P2S, as my quads weren’t sure they could even handle any P2S, much less more holds.