Tuesday, July 1
June 30, 2014
Thursday, July 3
July 2, 2014


4 rounds of
4 Hanging Scap Retractions
8 Alt-T Push-Ups
4 Spider Lunge w/ reach up on each side
8 OH Band Pull Aparts

EMOM 24 Minutes (8 Rounds each) of

A) Max reps unbroken Strict Chin-Ups*
B) 8 alternating DB Rows/side (in the plank position)
C) 8 Single Arm DB Strict Press/side**

* Chin-Ups: Athletes may do up to 3 singles per round if unable to do multiple unbroken chin-ups; scale further to 2 Negatives per round
** If able, hold the second DB at your side while performing the strict press


  1. Katie says:

    It’s not often I comment on the warm-up, but this one was really good…my shoulders were tight before, and much looser afterward. This does NOT mean I enjoy alternating-T push-ups, though!

    Used 15# for both DB movements. I struggled the most with the rows, my hip started hurting about halfway through from trying to stabilize so I dropped to my knees, which still allowed for good UB work. My 2 negatives felt really solid the first half, then the second half my second negative deteriorated and wasn’t as slow as it should have been.

    Coach Steve’s finisher was brutal! Still waiting for that six pack, though….

  2. Kenna says:

    My arms were tired after the warmup!

    Started with 30s on the row and 20s on the press and ended up going to 20s on the row and 15s on press about halfway through. I was trying to focus on core. I had a tendency to shift backwards in the plank position and let my shoulders come up on the rows. Also my palms gave out on the last round. I ended up just putting my hands flat on the ground and switching one dumbbell from hand to hand for that round.

    I thought I would be super sore today since by the end of that mess I my muscles were freaking out. My hands are the most sore. But my muscles are tired. We will see about soreness tomorrow.