Wednesday, July 2
July 1, 2014
Friday, July 4 (AKA Independence Day)
July 3, 2014


3 Rounds of
12 Spider Lunge
6 Scorpion
12 Supine Scorpion
6 Bird Dog Push-Ups
1min/side Band Lat/Tri Stretch

Strength – Power Cleans (25min timecap for Prep&Work)

– – Prep – –
1 x 3 Drag to Clean Hi-Pull* + 6 Front Squat (bar only)
1 x 3 Drag to Hang Power Clean* + 6 Front Squat (light weight)
* DRAG = with bar just above the knees, press the heels into the floor and slowly extend upwards, “dragging” the bar up the legs to the hi-hang position, then explode into a hi-pull/power clean

– – Work – –
7 x 3 Hang Cleans

4 x 4-6 Kneeling Bar Roll-Outs** + 8-12 Weighted Side-Bends (aka “Angry Penguins”)
** It is essential that you keep your body HOLLOW – do not let the lower back arch towards the floor; scale to an accumulated 1min of plank hold (doesn’t have to be unbroken).


  1. Dray says:

    Quiet noon class working with Frank, definitely went significantly heavier than I expected. Last time we did 1RM I hit 155# just barely (and it was really ugly) – today I hit 3 reps at 155# and while it felt heavy, it wasn’t bad. I went for 165# but was too tired on the third rep so I guess that’s a new 1 and 2 rep max instead! This was all power cleans, though, and I had plenty of height even on the third rep of 165# if I get better at dropping a bit. So I guess that’s just more motivation to work on my front squats! That’s solidly heavier than my 1RM front squat so if I had pulled under fully I would have been stuck at the bottom.

    Avoided birthday burpees at least partially because of the threat of what’s coming tomorrow… I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

  2. Kenna says:

    Got up to 93# and hit two pretty well, but just couldn’t get the third one up. I’ve hit 93# once before, but first time to hit two reps, so I felt good about it.

    Hoping I can drag myself out of bed for a patriotic 9:30am class…