Monday, July 7
July 6, 2014
Wednesday, July 9
July 8, 2014


3 Rounds of
5 Hanging Scap Retractions
10 Alt-T Push-Ups
5 Band Pull Apart Complex (1 Pull Apart + 1 OH Pull Apart)
10 PVC Dislocates

Strength – Strict Press (24 minute cap)
Warm-Up Sets = 1 x 10 w/ bar, then 1 x 5 w/ light-moderate weight;
Work Sets = 10-8-6-4-2
– Make work sets challenging without sacrificing posture.

5 Rounds of
:30 Max rep Push Press (M:135/115/95/75; W:93/83/63/45)
:30 Rest
:30 Max rep Pull Ups
:30 Rest

– For Met Con all bars are taken from the floor
– Pull-Ups: Kipping allowed; Scale to (1) max unbroken with a single band, OR (2) 5 challenging Ring Rows


  1. Dray says:

    So I came to 4:30 class thinking I would miss most of Brazil v. Germany but would finish in time to catch the last 10-15 minutes and maybe extra time which was going to be the most excited part anyway… until I jokingly asked Chris to keep me updated on the score during the warm-up and learned it was already over. Unexpected.

    Strict press always surprises me. I was feeling optimistic since the last time we did sets of 3 I made my way up to 110# but I misjudged the round of 10. After nearly failing on the 10th rep things went downhill and I wasn’t able to increase the weight as planned so 75-75-80-85-95# for these sets. Should have started slower then taken larger jumps on the 4 and 2 rep sets, I think.

    95# push press on the metcon felt a lot better than it has since the last time I did this with a bar but that’s been quite a while, I think! 20-15-10-10-10 on the pull-ups with that last round being a struggle to stay on the bar.

    Completely unrelated to the workout: I’m not sure why I sometimes get a kick out of the math problems to post but 1 – [ ] = 0 made me happy.

  2. Kenna says:

    Hit 63# at 2x. Looked back at past blogs and had hit 68# before so a little disappointed I didn’t hot that today. Apparently Sarah gave me a breathing tip, but I didn’t write down what it was! Today It seemed better to pause at the top instead of at the bottom because I would get stuck. I also used a belt which helped me push out my abs and keep my core tight.

    My goal in the metcon was to hit 5 band-assisted pull ups each, and I got it! I hit about 8-9 reps with 65# each round (may have been jerks on 1-2 towards the end…)

    Also got TOTALLY soaked walking home. Afterwards I realized that I left my rain jacket at the gym a few days ago. Gah!

  3. Katie says:

    Kenna, I think the volume of this affected the numbers, so don’t be disappointed! It looks like when we did strict presses the last two times the numbers were much lower, starting at 5 reps rather than 10. I was expecting to get to at least 63#, but hit 58# on a “bonus set” of 2 (as directed by Coach Steph). Those sets of 10 and 8 were tough and tired me out quite a bit, even at 45#.

    Agreed, Coach Steph suggested pausing at the top instead of the bottom and that helped me too — quick in and out breath at the top. I saw Scottie doing this really well.

    45# in the metcon got heavy fast, I think my shoulders were a little tight. I decided to go with challenging ring rows because I knew my shoulders would fatigue and I’d probably struggle with banded pull-ups after a couple rounds. I’ve learned not to underestimate ring rows, still a good workout!

    That rain was crazy, I don’t think a rain jacket or umbrella would have helped much!

    I hate the math problems!! It’s embarrassing when I have to think about them for a second….