Tuesday, July 8
July 7, 2014
Thursday, July 8
July 9, 2014


2 Rounds of
12 Squats
6 Over-Under Scap Touches
12 Spider Lunges
6 Bird Dog Push-Ups


5 Six-Count Boot Strapper to Squat Jump (three count to press the hips up, three count to pull the hips back down, and then an explosive squat jump off the floor)

Strength – Power Clean (25min time cap for prep & work sets)

– – Prep Sets – –
1 x 3 Upright Bar Row** + 3 Hang Clean Hi-Pull (bar only)
1 x 3 Three-Pause Clean Extension + 3 Hang Clean Hi-Pull (light weight)

– – Work Sets – –
6 x 4 Power Clean

3 rounds of
45 sec max rep Alt DB Snatch
15 sec Rest
45 sec max rep Ball Slams
15 sec Rest
45 sec max rep Russian Twist (Plate or KB)
15 sec Rest


  1. Jane says:

    First workout back from vacation – woof. 93 lbs on the cleans felt good, but the met-con was rough. Real rough.

  2. Dray says:

    Maybe would have been a good day for a rest but even with tired… everything, didn’t want to skip! Worked with Will up to a difficult 145# set – don’t think I could have pulled off the 155# I did when we were doing hang cleans 3 reps at a time. On the hang cleans grip and arms failed first, from the floor my legs got too tired to jump the bar up with much force.

    The metcon was rough; very difficult to keep moving with the paired DB snatch and ball slam movements. Not sure why but for some reason the twists were significantly harder than they’ve ever been. Some combination of being out of breath, tired arms and I don’t know what else made it very difficult to get any kind of rhythm going.

  3. Kenna says:

    I could only hit 1 clean at 93#, but did a bunch of high pulls trying to make another (probably too many). Ended up finishing with a 4 at 88#. I feel like I probably need to do more drilling at lower weight to get better muscle memory. I pause after picking the weight up and pretty much rely on my upper body to do the rest. My hips need to get in the game and I also need to get under it quicker!

    Metcon was brutal. 15 seconds is not enough time to call rest! 25# plate and DB + 30# ball, whew!

  4. Katie says:

    Every time I do heavy-ish cleans I think of what Coach Mike told me: “When you pick up the bar, it’s going to feel heavy. Ignore it.” I think cleans are mostly mental for me. Worked up to 68#, failed on the last rep, then went to 53# to work on form.

    Coach Chris’s watchful eye led to some good progress. Apparently at lighter weight I was doing a weird shrug thing before I extended my hips. He cued me to really squeeze the shoulders back and think solely about keeping my upper back tight. Oddly, it worked, and the clean felt much easier that way! So that’s my new focus for cleans, along with Coach Steph’s previous cue of a slower second pull (from above knees to high hang).

    20# DB snatches were good, subbed 20# goblet squats, and after the first round of twists with a weird popping hip flexor subbed 25# Angry Penguins. Though it sucks having so much hip/low back pain, it has had the positive effect of forcing me to listen to my body more and sub when I need it. I feel lucky we have such coaches at CFDC who understand how to sub or modify movements.